A showcase for young talent

Une vitrine pour les jeunes talents

THREE-RIVERS — In the framework of a new partnership with the Academy of the Booms, the Musée québécois de culture populaire exposes currently the creations of twenty pupils in the showcases located at its entrance.

The selected works which comprise the exhibition Detour of worlds, have been carried out during the school year. The characters, inspired by the sculptures of Giacometti, have been created by students of second secondary. The masks were made by students of the third secondary and sought to understand their role in the world. Each of these projects has required about eight hours of work, including research, preparation of sketches, the realization of the structure as well as the finish.

“We wanted to be rooted more in the community. Then, we contacted the school Board to see if there were schools willing to make a partnership with us for exhibiting works made by students. We were therefore directed towards the Academy the Booms, which was accepted with great happiness. This is a wonderful collaboration that is beginning and it will make you shine the creative talent of the young people of our region,” says the Museum’s director general, Valérie Therrien. She adds that this initiative fits perfectly into the mission of the establishment of the rue Laviolette, which is to promote cultural accessibility.

For this first exhibition, which will certainly smaller in the coming years, according to Ms. Therrien, a teacher who had proposed the works to the museum team. Due to the short time between the conclusion of the partnership and the beginning of the exhibition, which will continue until November, the characters and the masks chosen have been manufactured in the framework of the regular school program.

“Next year, we will further align the culture, and our exhibitions. There will be a committee [consisting of people of the museum and of the school] to select the works,” explains the director general.

In addition, two different exposures will be presented, one in November and one in march.

The participating students were invited, by the end of the day Tuesday, come out and see the final result of the exhibition. One of them, Vincent Filion, seemed very proud to see the results of their work to be exhibited in a museum, all the more that he considers himself more as a sportsman than an artist. It operates in effect as a goalkeeper with the Booms bantam AAA is at hockey.

“I’m always in everything I do. I take all the time allotted to me. I’m always the last one to submit my projects”, lance-t-il.


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