A job fair interactive

Un salon de l’emploi interactif

SAINT-LEONARD-D’ASTON — It is in a gym crowded with young people of the fourth and fifth secondary that began the fifth edition of the Carrefour des professions of the future Centre-du-Québec.

It is more than 3000 people are expected at the Centre Richard-Lebeau. During these two days, people will be able to explore more than 60 professions presented in an interactive way. The living room is divided into several sections distinct. The customer can inform about jobs in aesthetics through the relationship of aid to agriculture. A central bandstand of information has also been placed at the disposal of young people. “We can respond to information about trades that can’t be found here. For example, someone came to see us, because he wanted to learn about the publishing business. The young people come to our booth for more specific questions,” says Melanie Lafond, guidance counselor for the Commission scolaire des Chênes.

The lounge is intended to be non-traditional, because there is no distribution of leaflets. Rather, it is an appointment oriented on the discovery of the professions by the interaction. The visitor is invited to explore, experiment, manipulate, and interact with mentors who practice, teach or study these professions in the daily life.

“I’m here to learn more about the new business. It really is a beautiful atmosphere. I was able to learn about trades that I did not know that the mechanics and agriculture,” says Rose Boissonnault, a student of polyvalente La Samare in Plessisville.

“I liked the booth in the kitchen and the social work. It has helped me a lot to know what I’d like to do in the future, because there are really a lot of choice,” says Charlotte Fish, also a student of polyvalente La Samare.

Thanks to this show, the Carrefour wants to raise employers ‘ awareness to the importance of getting involved in the preparation of a skilled workforce. Thus, more than 200 people to act as mentors.

“This activity fits perfectly into the priorities of the Centre-du-Québec adopted last June at our table of the MRC. We have identified seven priorities for developing the region to its full potential. A number of issues, including the entrepreneurship, the technological shift, the valuation of the agricultural environment, the proximity of services and the awareness of the regions are affected. It is in addition to the workforce in order to keep our workers here,” says Genevieve Dubois, president of the Table of the MRC du Centre-du-Québec.

Recall that in the Centre-du-Québec alone, there are 22 300 jobs to be filled for the period of 2015 to 2019 and is estimated to be over 100 occupations with favourable job prospects. According to these figures, a number of training programs, the number of graduates is insufficient to meet the needs of the workforce.


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