A comedy sub-marine

Une comédie sous-marine

THREE-RIVERS — broadcasters in The cultural environment are already in summer and the Théâtre du Coq, Saint-Perpétue, prepares a 9th summer season in comedy. From 28 June to 11 August, will be the piece Wave background, which will transport the spectators into the depths of the St. Lawrence river.

The piece will be staged by Jacques Lessard and will feature Nicola Baker, Amelie Laprise, Guillaume Pepin and Charlie Jutras.

There will be the character of Nadia, who, panic-stricken at the time to marry, take refuge in his car, where the groom, the priest, and a maiden-of-honor came to join.

Nadia, hysterical, weighs down on the accelerator and the car finishes its run in the river. In this camera submarine which we do not know if the protagonists will recover, the truths will openly say.

The piece, written by Simon Boudreault and Jean-Guy Legault wants to be absurd, funny, and intelligent. As for the director, he has more than 175 performances to its active a little everywhere in Quebec and even abroad.

Groundswell will also mark the return of Charlie Jutras the Theatre of the Cock, who had been of the summer productions of the place between 2010 and 2015, but had been absent at the past two summer seasons.

In all, 23 performances will be offered from Wednesday to Saturday at 20 h. tickets are already on sale so that the public can enjoy a discount pre-sale until 29 may.

You can book the 1-877-666-0260, 819-336-6556 or by the www.theatreducoq.ca.


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