The pq members accuse the liberals of”exploiting” the young

Les péquistes accusent les libéraux d'«instrumentaliser» les jeunes

The liberals of Philippe Couillard would have “exploited” the young people in appointing a partisan manner of people aged 35 years or less, to the boards of directors of Crown corporations, deplores the Parti québécois.

More importantly, the law adopted at the end of 2016, aiming to integrate young people in decision-making State-owned companies would be a “tool to place young liberals” within boards of directors, argued the spokesman of the opposition for the Youth, Catherine Fournier.

It was listed in the credits for the Youth, a series of young members of boards of directors that have had a relationship at one time or another with the liberal Party.

As well, Ms. Fournier has counted the members of the board of directors of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, energy Transmission Québec or Loto-Québec, who have been donors or ex-employees policies of the party, among others.

Saying it was “extremely uncomfortable” with these appointments, “tinted”, Catherine Fournier asked how the prime minister could explain that a high number of appointments are related to the liberal Party.

Philippe Couillard said he was disappointed by the reaction of the youngest member of the national Assembly. The prime minister has noticed that the mp of the parti québecois did not question it-even the competence of the appointees.

“I am open to make appointments all over the world, regardless of the political family”, has defended Mr. Couillard.

The holder of the records youth the government has also argued that the Parti québécois has also made partisan appointments and that it would be “beneficial” for Ms. Fournier to make a comparison between the partisan appointments of the liberal and pq members.

Scholarships, visas refused

The member for Marie-Victorin has also criticised the government’s inaction on the issue of the obtaining of visas by foreign students who, for some, were denied entry to the country, even if they had received a study grant from the government of Quebec.

Philippe Couillard returned the ball into the camp from the federal government, which, he says, is the only one to administer the granting of visas to study.

“The universities are not happy, businesses are not happy, they [the government] is not happy, you’re not happy”, then the pressure increases on the federal government, ” said Mr. Couillard. “These are federal policies to which we will continue to ask for changes,” he added.


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