The judge appeals to the calm

La juge lance un appel au calme

Shawinigan (GV) — A subtle but inevitable tension grows in the atmosphere of the class action, the Coalition against noise, at the palais de justice de Shawinigan. Following a second intervention in as many days of Me Myriam Brixi, attorney for Bel-Air Laurentien aviation, justice Suzanne Ouellet felt the need to remind everyone to order, at the end of the day Tuesday.

“Until now, the trial is conducted in an atmosphere of serenity, politeness, and respect in the room,” quipped the judge. “I expect so much outside of it.”

The judge Ouellet was responding to a comment of Me Brixi, who had got wind that a witness for the defendant, that it has not named, had been apostropher after its passage in front of the court.

On Monday, the lawyer had also mentioned, at the end of the day, Diane B. Boivin had received threats by e-mail following the publication of the text of the Short story genre relating to his testimony, in our edition of Saturday. During its passage, this expert in science neurological and psychiatric had mentioned, inter alia, that it could not establish any clear correlation between the flights of seaplanes tourism, and the health problems revealed by some local residents.

So far, the members of the class action and the persons who support Bel-Air Laurentien aviation in this battle side by side with civility. Since the beginning of the statement, on march 26, the same faces meet on a daily basis. The owners of the company, Alfred St-Onge son, and Danielle Mongrain, have not missed a day. Their testimony, which should close the evidence of the defendant, is expected Thursday or Friday.

For their part, the claimants do not have publicly warned the judge of wrongdoing since the start of the trial. Liliane Guay, president of the Coalition against noise, however, must roll with the insults, especially on social networks.

On the 11th of April, a certain Mathieu Boisvert has used that platform to denounce the use against a player important to the economy of the lake to the Turtle. In French in a very rough, he conveyed to Ms. Guay his “vows of non-compliance” and it suggested “suck my deep shit”.

And then, on the page Facebook of Ms. Mongrain, Benoit Dion trafficking Ms. Guay of “criss de folle” following the publication of a text in our edition of April 11, describing his testimony. The spokesperson explained then that this remedy was not intended to result in the closure of Bel-Air Laurentien aviation, but rather to encourage the return of a certain tranquility around the lake.


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