The devil’s Hole pierces the chinese market

Le Trou du diable perce le marché chinois

Shawinigan — Since a few months already, the Chinese are lovers of pleasures brewery can sample the beers of the Hole of the devil.

Some of the products of the microbrewery based in Shawinigan are available in this country, thanks to an agreement with Ace Huang, an importer and distributor working for the company Concern international trading. Photos showing the two beers of the Hole of the devil, is in the MacTavish and The four surfers of the Apocalypso, on the shelves of one chinese grocery circulate also currently on the social networks.

According to Isaac Tremblay, co-founder and responsible for the business development of the microbrewery, this distribution agreement was entered into prior to the sale of the flagship shawiniganais to the empire Molson Coors. Recall that in November last year, the third largest brewer world is offered the devil’s Hole for an amount that has not been revealed. Under this transaction, the devil’s Hole joined to other microbreweries in canada in the lap of the Six Pints division, the specialty products of the multinational company.

“We started working with this agent importer, in order to explore the market and see what is the interest for our beers there. The guy had the air of ‘ben smart’ and very dynamic. He approached us because he wanted to beer in quebec. I think he needs to look at the reputations, and as we have more than 150 international medals to our credit, I think it attracts the importers. So we decided to send him some beer and see what comes of it,” says Mr. Tremblay.

Sign that this new business partner is serious, he was present at the Shawinigan area for the festivities surrounding the anniversary of the microbrewery last January. He also invited Mr. Tremblay to take part in a festival of beer that he held in his country in may next.

Up to now, two commands have been sent to the distributor from the Middle empire. It is therefore still too early to say if the experience is conclusive. The business development manager is, however, well aware of the opportunities of the chinese market to a brewery as the devil’s Hole.

“Beer is more popular in China. It is certain that it is an emerging market, but extremely important. There is so much of the world and it is getting the money. But we will see where it will lead us”, he says before adding that some of the beers that are part of its catalog are also distributed in Taiwan, Brazil, Australia, everywhere in Europe as well as in Canada and the United States.

The future

For now, the sale to Molson Coors has not yet too messed up the company’s operations, which many consider as the symbol of a new era in Shawinigan. However, Mr. Tremblay acknowledges that the work is already considerably advanced in order to prepare for the next chapter in the history of the Hole of the devil.

“We had a visit recently from members of the investment committee and it went very well. They were very impressed by the plant that we have here. It remains to attach all of that together. It is a bigger boat to move, but when it moves, it moves”, lance-t-il.


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