The battle of the sound level meters continues

La bataille des sonomètres se poursuit

Shawinigan — The words used by Jacques Savard to qualify the sound level meters business Vinacoustik during its testing in 2016 are obviously hard to digest for the Coalition against noise. Tuesday morning, Me Catherine Sylvestre was extensively cross-examined the witness to bring a different light about these devices.

Deputy director, acoustics and vibrations at SNC-Lavalin, Mr. Savard had begun her testimony in the course of the class action on April 18. At this time, it had described the equipment used by Vinacoustik of “sound level meters toys”, since they were neither certified nor calibrated for these measurements. Martin even suggested to the judge Suzanne Ouellet not to take account of the results obtained with these devices.

To Me new year’s eve is, therefore, reversed this interpretation in the cross-examination. Mr. Savard has been refined a bit his analysis, but on the merits, his position has not changed. According to him, sound level meters, type Noise Sentry, can only make data of a surgical precision and users should take this into account.

The lawyer then held up five noise studies carried out across the world to demonstrate that the recognised organisations were using these devices. The research Institute of public health of the University of Montreal, the University of Basel in Switzerland, the national Institute of public health of Quebec, the federal Office for the environment of Switzerland and the Department of public health of the City of Toronto, have taken their measurements with the same sound level meters that Vinacoustik during their research.

“All of these studies must be set aside because they have used an instrument that lack of precision?”, asked Me new year’s eve.

“If you don’t need accuracy, if you don’t need numbers very, very specific, if you don’t have to meet legal standards… This type of sound level meter does not meet the standards of the ministry of Environment or the ministry of Transport”, says Mr. Savard. In the context of the dispute in the lake at the Tortoise, he believes it is important to know the degree of measurement uncertainty that is conveyed.

Me Myriam Brixi is returned to the interrogation to the defendant asking Mr. Savard how could you describe the noise on the lake at the Turtle. For him, there is nothing exceptional about this place compared to residences located in areas that are comparable, close to an airport, a railway or a highway.

“The soundscape at the lake, the Turtle is not unusual,” he concluded, recalling that the tourist flights are conducted in periods that are limited by temporal restrictions from Transport Canada.

Other support
This is the advice that were shared among seven other witnesses called to the bar by Bel-Air Laurentien aviation on Tuesday. For these people, the seaplanes are more an attraction than a nuisance.

Marie-Josée Lafond, owner of a marketing firm and a cottage at the lake to the Turtle, meant that she liked to go there to work when she needs “quiet, calm, a refuge of peace”. The middle was even encouraged to get his pilot’s license and during her class, she remembers that her coach insisted on the importance of respecting the residents.

On his side, Patrice Bourcier has lived through periods of convalescence for the past six years, after having fought cancer and hernias. He spent these moments with his residence in the lake of the Turtle and the seaplanes have not disturbed his rest period.

Freelance journalist at Sorel, Annie Bourque was not excluded from the action, but the stories heard in the course of this trial prompted her to testify. She inherited the cottage of his mother in 2014.

“I find it staggering that a business finds themselves in a trial then it is established for years,” she says. “I understand that there has been exaggeration, but today, it is a lot better.”

In cross-examination, ms. Marie-Anaïs Sauvé noted that since 2009, the number of passengers of sightseeing flights had quadrupled in Bel-Air Laurentien aviation. A situation that has been ignored obviously Ms. Bourque before you have read it in Le Nouvelliste, but that doesn’t change his perception.

“I remember most is that he said some outrageous”, reiterates it. “Not being able to receive friends or read a book, then I manage to do it despite my attention deficit, it didn’t make sense!”

Finally, Baptiste Prud’homme, director of the Village’s lumberjack Big Battery, came to support the importance of Bel-Air Laurentien aviation in the offer of regional tourism. According to his assessment, about half of the buses of tourists that pass in him also foresee a flight of seaplane from the lake to the Turtle during their stay in the region.


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