Show less in the Thursday city centre

Un spectacle de moins aux Jeudis centre-ville

La Tuque — Thursday city center will present six shows instead of seven this year due to a shortfall of$ 13,000 in the budget. After the international group Simple Plan in 2017, it is Sylvain Cossette, Andrée Watters and the Supernova that will close the edition 2018 Thursday, in the city Centre on 9 August.

The budgetary restrictions of the City of La Tuque has implications even in the offer of summer activities. The amount injected by the City has increased from 20 000$ to 15 000$.

“There is also the SDC (Society of Commercial Development of the city of La Tuque) which gives 8000$ less. In total, 13 000$ this is a evening. It is for this reason that there is one less this year”, explained Hélène Langlais, director of communications for the City of La Tuque.

Moreover, the spectacle of the national day will be presented on the stage of the town centre since the works of the lac Saint-Louis will not be completed.

“The department of recreation and culture has made this decision-also taking into account that the spectacle of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste would be at the center of the city. […] They found that it had less impact for this year. On 23 June, this will be the 7th show without being a programming. There will be no fireworks because of it. However, this will be a show of fire,” said Hélène Langlais.

In addition to Sylvain Cossette, Latuquois will be able to see on the stage Thursday, in city centre, Simon Morin on July 5, 2018, DJ Miss Shelton, that they have had the opportunity to see last year, on the 12th of July, Allison and the Triggers on the 19th of July and Respectable on the 26th of July.

On 2 August, it is an evening of tribute that expects the citizens. In the early evening, this will be a tribute to Def Leppard and this will be followed by a tribute to the group Scorpions.

Finally, it is Sylvain Cossette, Andrée Watters and the Supernova that will close the edition 2018.

The group The Rusty Cats will be presented in the first part.


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