Minimum wage: not of concern for the Eagles

Salaire minimum: pas d’inquiétude chez les Aigles

Three-Rivers — in Spite of the imminent increase in the minimum wage for the players of baseball of the independent leagues in the United States, we do not worry for the survival of the League, Can-Am, in the circle of Eagles of Trois-Rivières.

The publication of this new by the Sun, The last weekend has done much talk in recent days in the world of independent baseball. It was studied, among others, that due to a new law inserted in the most recent us budget (Save America’s Pastime Act), adopted on 23 march, the minimum salary of baseball players in the independent leagues in the United States will move to 1160 US$ per month.

However, in a circuit such as the League, Can-Am, the players with the status of rookie can generally earn around$ 800 per month. Some observers believe that this increase of approximately$ 300 per month could directly lead to the closure of some concessions of independent baseball in which the finances are precarious. However, on the side of the Eagles, one sees poorly how this wage increase could sound the death knell of independent baseball.

Taking into account that a team of five players recruits in his alignment for a period of four months, it would add a little over 6000 US$ to the annual operating budget. “I don’t think it’s going to shut down teams in the League, Can-Am, which in the operating budgets of nearly two million per year. Same thing for the American Association or the Atlantic League. It is a measure that may have the greatest impact on leagues such as the Peco League or the Empire League, where most players earn less than the new minimum wage imposed. For them, the margin will be greater to absorb”, says managing director, René Martin.

In the Eagles, all the players are already under contract for the next campaign. However, even if this new measure will not affect legally the canadian teams, the ceo admits that he may have to revise upwards the salary of the recruits in 2019, in order to be successful in attracting the players in the city of Laviolette. Again, we are talking about a tiny increase in the payroll. “There’s really no danger for us,” says Martin.

As to a possible merger between the League and Can-Am and Atlantic League, it is not impossible that the new us legislation accelerates the process. However, there is no reason to believe that a union is imminent. “I expect there to be a merger in the next two or three years,” says the ceo of the Eagles.

Boon back in the paddock
In addition, the Eagles have confirmed the return of reliever Owen Boon in the paddock for the 2018 campaign. Last year, the Ontario 24 years had maintained an average of points earned from 4.56 in addition to succeed 42 withdrawals at the stick in 49 innings of work on the mound. Boon will evolve again with the status of a rookie this season. He is the 11th pitcher to reach agreement with the Eagles on the eve of training camp.


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