Going green for the cemetery Saint-Michel

Virage vert pour le cimetière Saint-Michel

SHAWINIGAN — The cemetery of Saint-Michel de Shawinigan will provide, for the first time in the Mauricie region, a whole new way to bring light to the memory of the loved one. It was Tuesday the announcement of a new section which will allow families to grow a tree with the ashes of the deceased.

This new section is called A tree remember this is a giant step for the environment. Since the ashes of human individuals contain a lot of potassium, they become an important element for the growth of plants. These will be placed in an urn biodegradable made of composite of coconut. The urn disintegrates in 30 days and nourishes the roots of the tree.

The cemetery Saint-Michel is the second largest in Quebec, after the one in Granby, to offer this new way of burial.

“It’s like the life that goes on in a different way. It can put a balm on the pain,” said Christian Guilbault, executive director of the cemetery of Saint-Michel de Shawinigan.

The families of the deceased will be able to choose to advance the growth of the tree. Among the different choices, the rose, the lilac, crab apple, hydrangea, serviceberry, and maple of love are offered. Moreover, the family can if it wishes to make itself the transplantation of the tree. In a few years, the section will become a wooded area where it will be nice to come and collect

In this new section, any monument will not be installed. A granite plaque will be near the tree, with the names of the deceased engraved.

The director-general confirmed that his team is trying to reduce the footprint organic to the cemetery. “It is a start for us to have a section for those for whom the environment is a priority, to bury their dead in a much more environmentally friendly.”

“We believe that we are at an important turning point. We want to make a green shift to ensure the sustainability of our cemeteries, because they are here to stay”


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