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Créavenir Desjardins
Five start-up companies in the region of Bécancour-Nicolet-Yamaska were able to take advantage of the guidance and support offered by the programme Créavenir Desjardins. In total, 60 000 $ has been invested by 2017 in this program, offered through a partnership of the caisse Desjardins de Bécancour-Nicolet-Yamaska with the SADC de Nicolet-Bécancour, la MRC de Nicolet-Yamaska and the CLD of the MRC of Bécancour, and that enables young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 years of age to access to funding for start-up or development of their business in less than three years.

Last year, the companies that have taken advantage of the benefits of the programme Créavenir Desjardins are On The water, Auger & Dubord, surveyors, Distributions RPF, Constructed of Metal and Garderie éducative du Faubourg inc.

Since the inception of the program in 2012, 22 companies, of which 19 were still in business, have benefited from Créavenir Desjardins in Bécancour-Nicolet-Yamaska for a total investment of $ 275,000. The program offers financial assistance of up to 15000 $ in the form of loan and grant.

For information, the eligible persons may contact the various partners in the program (CLD, MRC, SADC and). Participating Desjardins caisses are Nicolet, Godefroy and Gentilly-Lévrard-Rivière du Chêne.

Factora partner of OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere
Factora joined the OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere as a systems integrator of record. Through this new partnership, Factora now brings the consulting services, development, and deployment for products OSIsoft, current and future, as well as support services and sustainability to its customers.

“OSIsoft is a popular solution that is rich in features, which is widely used in the manufacturing industry”, says Raj Jakhete, senior director of business development at Factora. “With this partnership, we intend to extend our support services and consultation and woo a large number of leaders from the manufacturing production”, says he.

Services Factora include the strategic vision, the development process, the development, the design and implementation of a balance of profitability for the PI system from OSIsoft and solutions Internet of things in the industrial sector, as well as a supportive approach focused on results. Factora has a network of 70 consultants who are highly qualified and experienced who deliver results for the benefit of companies in the world.

Go-Momentum and its project UGO
The new park interactive UGO, of the company Go-Momentum, Gentilly, is a finalist in two categories of the Prix d’excellence of the Youth Media Alliance awards, which recognize canadian productions in the youth sector in television and interactive content. Nominated in the categories of Entertainment of the pane with interactive Content, as well as for the Price of the Parents Châtelaine (audience award), UGO is also a finalist for the NUMIX, in the category of Productions, interactive/youth.

“The beauty of the project lies in the intersection of worlds that do not encounter a lot, is the manufacturing and the sector of the video game. But beyond this mesh, there is the vision of Go-Momentum, which is based above all on the pleasure of playing outside. This is only a beginning in our ambition to create the parks of the future”, explains Carolyne Gagné, president of Go-forward Momentum.


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