Control of stinging insects starts to Trois-Rivières

Le contrôle des insectes piqueurs commence à Trois-Rivières

Three-Rivers — once Again this year, the City of Three Rivers takes great efforts to reduce the unpleasant effects that may have mosquitoes and black flies.

Operations larviciding biological BTI, a product that is harmless both for humans and for wildlife, will also soon be in the sectors of Pointe-du-Lac, Trois-Rivières-Ouest Trois-Rivières (district of Vieilles-Forges), Sainte-Marthe and Saint-Louis-de-France.

This task, entrusted to the company GDG Environment, will cost $ 1.1 million and will continue until next October 1st. The treatments will be done by land and air. It should be noted that a special tax of $ 37 a gate is applied to the citizens of the targeted areas.


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