Citizens consulted on the île Saint-Quentin

Les citoyens consultés sur l'île Saint-Quentin

Three-Rivers — The Corporation de développement de l’île Saint-Quentin is currently a consultation in order to know the opinion of Trifluviens on what should be, or become, this place.

This initiative is part of the process of developing a new master plan for the development of the park, located at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice river and the St. Lawrence river. According to the president of the Corporation and a municipal councillor in the district of Booms, Pierre-Luc Fortin, this consultation is carried out in different places of the city in recent weeks, as well as online. It is also always possible to respond to the questions by visiting the

“In the process of developing the plan, we want to have the pulse of the citizens in order to do that in the rules of the item We want to know their ideas and the vocation that they want us to give to the island. We have already done some advance work, but we would like to know what people think,” says Mr. Fortin.

Once it is completed and filed, the new master development plan will serve as guide in the implementation of the projects by the managers. The president of the Corporation has already a good idea of the operational guidelines. According to him, the development of the site that it describes as the unique should not be done without guidance. In this context, he argues that the mission of the place will be a family-oriented and accessibility. It is not a matter for him to deface the park, and this, even if it would result in increased ridership and revenues.

“It is necessary to know what we can and what we cannot do because of the fragility of places. There are only 40% of the area that we can occupy and use. The rest is protected. We already know that there will be no Disney World to the island! This is not the place for it. In addition, we must have a long-term vision because the people in the leadership of the island will not be there permanently,” he says.

Earlier this year, the City announced that it would invest several hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to proceed with the complete renovation of the pavilion of the bathers. The island is also has since the beginning of the winter of a new sliding chilled using a technology that is unique in Canada.


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