Another landslide in Saint-Celestin

Un autre glissement de terrain à Saint-Célestin

Saint-Célestin — Then that work had been undertaken in order to make again practicable after a landslide in the spring of 2017, the rang Saint-Michel in Saint-Célestin was again damaged due to a similar phenomenon that occurred there nearly two weeks.

The unfortunate event happened on the 13th of April last has also led to the evacuation of the occupants of the residence located near the crater. Although they have been able to return to their home some 24 hours after authorities had found that the earth had moved again, Valérie Leblanc, his spouse and their two children are anxious for the work – which were suspended last march after another incident of the kind – are carried out and that the situation returns to normal.

By then, the small family had taken the means in order to be ready in the event of another evacuation was necessary. Their bags are made and waiting under the beds in case they should leave their home quickly.

“I was absent from the house when my daughters were evacuated. It has created quite a stir. [Because of the impediment to the circulation] people spend in the field with their car, which broke the ground as well as our cars. And, as our room is on the ground floor, we can be surprised,” said Ms. Leblanc. However, she is comforted in knowing that the home where she lives is built on a rocky cape, which significantly reduces the chances that they will be taken away.

On the side of civil Security, it is argued that the work should resume in the month of June. Its regional director, Sébastien Dora, would like to reassure the residents of the area to the effect that this place should not be the scene of a huge landslide, such as the one particular that occurred last spring at Sainte-Geneviève-de-Batiscan. It also ensures that the sector will be one of the safest of this area when the work will be completed.

“The soil in the area is complex. There are clay, sand, and a little bit of everything. It is for this reason that our engineers have decided to deal with the file to ensure that the work is carried out according to the rules of the art […] We have to put a counterweight in the bottom of the hill to prevent slipping. This work is usually in the winter, when the ground is completely frozen. But the problem that we experienced this year, it is that we have had periods of thaw in January and February, and this, even if April has been very cold. Therefore, there has been a first slip the 12 march to this place. The site has been closed in order to carry out analyses,” explains Sébastien Doire.

Even if he was excited to see the traffic resume normally on the rang Saint-Michel, the mayor of the parish of St-Célestin, Michael Bergeron, maintains that he is confident that the ministry of Transport and civil Security will come to the end of the problem.

“We were told that it was normal [that there are other shifts] because the work is not finished. That, it does not worry me. What worries me is that we don’t know where it goes in this folder. It is limited in what it can do. It is expected the new plans. In addition, the road used for the detour is not suitable for it. But this is nature,” said the mayor before saying that the municipality will have to pay 15% of the bill, which is expected to rise to more than$2 Million.


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