Sit-in: no decision on sanctions

Sit-in: aucune décision quant à des sanctions

Three-Rivers — Three days after holding another sit-in at the hospital emergency in Trois-Rivières, no decision has been taken by the employer as to the imposition or non-disciplinary action.

The direction of the integrated Center for academic health and social services of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec is always to analyze what happened in the night from Friday to Saturday. During the change of shift, three nurses were absent for the relief of night, two of which were on vacation. The nurses arrived for this quarter have refused to start work, taking the view that the absence of three pairs of arms represented a risk to patients. The team is put to work when the nurses in the evening shift must have stretched their presence until 6 a.m. Saturday.

This event happened less than two months after management and trade Union of healthcare professionals have announced various measures to find additional staff in order to reduce the number of overtime hours imposed on the employees. “Every time a situation occurs, it is checked whether there will be sanctions or not. No decision has been taken,” says Valérie Provencher, information officer of the CIUSSS regional.

A work refusal is considered to be an illegal strike, and this is not the first sit-in to take place in the last few months to the emergency room of the hospital of Trois-Rivières. The earlier events had not pushed the direction of the CIUSSS to tap the fingers of his staff, because the organization said it preferred to negotiate and discuss with the employees, rather than to impose disciplinary measures.

If no decision has yet been arrested, the possible imposition of sanctions would be difficult in the camp to organize. “If this is two cases of disease that occur two hours before the start of the work shift, and that the people do not cooperate, it is a thing. But to the extent that they are the ones who have badly managed, it would be frowned upon to go in the direction of sanctions,” says Nathalie Perron, president of the Union of professionals in the care of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec.

Ms. Perron added that the union has not had return of the management with regard to this lack of nurses because of the holiday. The incident would not be an isolated case.

“This is not the only place where it happened. This is a recurring problem and deplorable,” says the president of association.

Valérie Provencher confirms that a lack of staff can arise even in cases of planned absences for holidays. “It was the times that flow, the absences to come. We consult the recall list to know who is available for that shift. In a situation where it is hard labour, that which is available may be more rare. Therefore, we are left with a schedule during which the shift is not filled.”

When this situation arises, the management asked if employees want to work overtime, ” says the information officer. It can also rearrange the work than to impose overtime hours. It is this last scenario that has been implemented at the end of the week.

The arrival in June of 150 graduates in nursing and 50 orderlies should help the CIUSSS to face the summer and for absences related to holidays.


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