Refurbishment of the bus station: a project that has impacts to Three-Rivers

Réfection de l'autogare: un chantier qui a des impacts à Trois-Rivières

The imposing construction of repairs to the parking lot of the hotel de ville at Three Rivers, took flight Monday morning, leaving a few surprises for the traders of the area. In fact, although the construction site is being planned and announced for several months already, it is only in the last week, by a written communication, that merchants have learned that the rue Hart street, between Des Forges and Radisson, would be completely closed to traffic during the work. A site which, again, must finish at the end of the month of August.

In Don Quixote, it admits to being shocked by learning there are only a few days that this portion of the rue Hart was going to be completely closed to automobile traffic. “I first heard it through a customer who knew the folder there are about ten days. Then, last Tuesday, we received an information sheet, indicating to us that it would be closed during the time of work,” says Olivier Goyette, co-owner of the clothing shop for men and women.

Saying good player and understanding the need of the project, Mr. Goyette admits that he would have liked to know earlier that some decisions would have been taken in consequence for him and his business partner. “We probably would have ordered less merchandise, you would have thought of otherwise our inventories,” says Mr. Goyette.

Moreover, the traders of the rue des Forges, who were in the habit of putting their bins of garbage on the street Hart, will no longer do, since the garbage collection will not be possible during this period. “What worries me is to see the bins being deposited at the corner of Radisson and Hart, directly in front of my trade. It will not work if this is what happens,” says the owner of the shop.

On the side of the restaurant The Pot, it was realized that the street Hart was going to be closed down only last week, while the employees worked together to install the terrace on the street, and have been advised by a city employee. “We have discussed with the people of the City and we could find an arrangement. They were down the fence a little more towards the street to allow a wider corridor of movement. We also indicated that it would be possible to hang posters or advertising on the fences, if the view became less interesting for the customer. For the moment, it is not really a problem, but we’ll have to see with time this summer, especially compared to the noise generated by the work,” notes David Pelletier, co-owner of the Pot.

To the City, it is explained to have sent written communication a few days ago, given that all of the information that should be found in the info-work had not all been validated. However, the information concerning the closure of the rue Hart was listed for several weeks, or even months, on the website of the City.

“It must be understood that the closure is necessary to expedite the work and enable the contractor to finish as quickly as possible. It is a site that needs to be done, there was no choice but we ensure that it has an impact as less time as possible in the sector,” says the spokesperson for the City, Cynthia Simard.

Circulation alternating

The organization Three Rivers Centre, the business development Corporation of the city centre, there is reassuring to the traders. The information on the body to suggest that the movement may be possible at certain times on the street in Hart. “For the first few weeks, it will be closed to allow the contractor to install and prevent congestion. However, it is possible that the movement may be then, in alternation, for example, at certain times of the week,” says the director-general Mathieu Lahaye, adding that the area enclosed by the barriers for the project allows a certain clearance and a good corridor pedestrian for traders. In effect, the contractor should open the street to traffic, alternating in the evenings, Friday afternoon and the end of the week, confirms Cynthia Simard.

Mr. Lahaye believes that there will be some outreach to do for the traders who were in the habit of placing garbage bins on the street in Hart. Similarly, the commercial deliveries on this portion of street will not be possible, he noted.

In Don Quixote, it was agreed that he should leave a little time to see how everything will run and what impact this will have for the customer. “We have a loyal customer base and we have products that are not found elsewhere in Trois-Rivières. I trust that the people will continue to come see us, even if it is not necessarily very inviting. We will leave to spend two or three weeks before you see,” says Olivier Goyette.

Recall that the work of the bus station are held until the end of the month of August. The contract of 2 295 518 $ was awarded to the firm Deric Construction.


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