Migrants: Quebec holds a speech irresponsible and dangerous, according to experts

Migrants: Québec tient un discours irresponsable et dangereux, selon des experts

The message from the national Assembly to the effect that Quebec has reached its capacity of reception of irregular migrants is irresponsible and even dangerous, warn some experts.

They warn the government against the risk, high, to feed the excesses of xenophobia that currently faced by quebec society.

In an interview Monday with The canadian Press, the luminaries Cécile Rousseau, Stéphane Leman-Langlois and Herman Deparice Okomba have warned that such messages “on the right” echo in the population, and that the most vulnerable are likely to drink even to distort reality about migrants.

Two of those experts testified in the record of Alexander Bissonnette, who pleaded guilty last month to six charges of first-degree murder and six counts of attempted murder for the attacks on the Grand Mosque of Quebec.

“We’re going to say : “The migrants ultimately are treated better than our own homeless here, or are treated better than our elderly, receive more money, etc”, stated Mr Leman-Langlois, director of the Center on international security at Université Laval. Good, all of that is completely false, but it is well received because people have the impression (…) that one is flat belly to do the four desires of the people crossing the border.

“People will re-tweet it, re-like it, re-share it on Facebook and it made the rounds,” added the one who is also holder of the Canada research Chair in surveillance and the social construction of risk.

In his opinion, the message that send currently the political parties comes to legitimate this kind of false news. “I think it is quite dangerous.(…) It is in the process of normalizing this attitude that says that the immigrants, it is a presence that is suspicious, that this may not be a very good idea to have a packet of immigrants arrive quickly in Quebec.”

Last week, four ministers from the government Couillard have bulging torso in the face of Ottawa, accusing it of dragging its feet in processing requests of irregular migrants.

They have also announced that Quebec would not the surplus of migrants from the 24th of April in its centres of temporary accommodation in Montreal.

Last year saw the Quebec receive 25 000 irregular migrants, half of all the entries of this type in Canada, compared to an average annual “normal” of 3500.

The government’s projections suggest for the next summer, during the peak period, a rate of 400 passages irregular per day, almost double the amount of 250 newspapers from the last year.

Social services in Quebec are “saturated,” said, more than once, the Immigration minister, David Heurtel, supported by the opposition parties.

He is later welcomed an agreement with the federal government, according to which Ottawa agrees to review the reimbursement request of $ 146 million of Quebec for the support of asylum seekers in addition to take a series of measures to lighten the burden of the province.

Speech electioneering

For dr. Rousseau – expert in transcultural psychiatry, radicalization and polarization of social – there is no doubt that the current politics is electioneering, therefore, reflects the public opinion to which he wants to make fun of it.

“I think that the pre-election period, it is very easy to use vulnerable people who are seen as undesirable as the objects of debates in feeding the insecurity of the citizens”, she denounced.

According to it, the far-right groups are trying to influence the social discourse, pushing it towards positions more intolerant.

Yet, these migrants are the so-called “irregular” have a perfect right to come and file a refugee claim in Canada, under international conventions, she recalled.

For his part, the director-general of the Centre for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence, Mr. Okomba, says it is “totally irresponsible” and “populist” to believe Quebecers that they are threatened by a massive arrival of migrants.

“This helps to give the impression that a wave of migration is on the point of break on the Quebec, something that is not true,” he said, adding that the number of applicants in Quebec is “infinitesimally small” compared to what we see in Europe, in North Africa and the Middle East. In his opinion, it is not legitimate to play on the fears or the anxieties of identity in the name of an agenda, ideological or political.

“It is necessary to denounce this type of speech or speech involved in radicalising some individuals even in the most severe consequences”, has he hammered.

Making a link with Alexander Bissonnette, Mr. Leman-Langlois explained that in Quebec there is “a whole bunch of sub-populations are much less stable than the Quebec average, much more paranoid, a lot more pressure, stress, etc, potentially including mental illness, substance abuse varied”.

In addition to stir up the anger, the hatred and suspicion of some of these people, the political discourse ambient will certainly help the far-right groups to recruit new members, he said.


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