Maltese attack the sects of religions

Maltais s'attaque aux dérives sectaires des religions

The State should ensure better support for victims groups to sectarianism, according to the mp, pq’s Agnès Maltais, who appealed to citizens to support a petition it intends to file before the summer.

Ms. Maltese goes back to the action that the government is studying the issue of groups of sects, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Church of scientology.

“I tried to get the initiative mandate, the liberal Party has blocked. I am now trying the petition, but it does say that it is the citizens who take the discussion”, she explained.

“Is it that, under the guise of freedom of religion, it accepts that things happen that would otherwise be considered illegal? Is that under the guise of freedom of religion, it prevents that children have access to education? It helps that there are domestic courts, then it is against the law in Quebec”, has questioned the spokesperson of the opposition in terms of secularism.

Ms. Malta took part on Monday in Montreal at the launch of a petition to demand again that the government is embarking on a reflection on the groups, sects. The initiative is that of aunt Eloise Dupuis, this young mother a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who died after refusing a blood transfusion.

The member pq is hopeful that the project has generated a debate in society and that political parties are forced to position themselves.

“It should be a working group, mandated by the government, which discuss this issue. It is necessary to hear the experts, it is necessary to hear the citizens who have lived and found the difficulties that people who are in the groups in or out of this”, has defended Ms. Maltese, convinced that the government must act responsibly to protect a portion of the population, particularly people most vulnerable.

It said that a pq government would consider the issue if it was brought to power in the fall.

This is not the first time that Agnès Maltais tries that a working group composed of parliamentarians examines the methods of indoctrination of sects structured. In December 2017, the liberal mna Pierre Reid had been interested in the idea of a parliamentary committee, but until last February, we did still not on the place that was to occupy such a working group, so that the project remained a dead letter ever since.

Remains that the member for Taschereau does not intend to lower arms and the company intends to file the petition, which is accessible on the website of the national Assembly until June 11th. It says “have hope” that the next government addresses the root of the problem.


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