Don’t be beige

Ne pas être beige

Three Rivers — The story speaks for itself: Laurent Paquin took advantage of two representations trifluviennes consecutive of the musical Tomorrow morning, Montreal waits for me, he is one of the performers, to do the interviews for the promotion of Displeasing the solo show he will present to the hall Thompson the 21 and 22 June.

Eloquent by what it reveals of the status of the artist only identified in the world of humor a few years ago, but whose talent has opened other horizons. It is not less significant that at a time when we recognize more than ever his gifts as an actor and even a singer, he has once again chosen the humour. As an oath is renewed to its original vocation. “Humor is my first job, plead-t-it. It is still what I do best and what I have the most fun doing. Displease is born at a time when I had free time. I asked myself what I had really wanted to do. The answer has become clear, clear and distinct: for comedy shows.”

He would have been able to continue on a roll solidly built and work as it had done for its three shows previous, undeniably successful. He has preferred to give himself a new challenge by developing the show differently, by dedicating a lot more time. “Every time I had a new portion of the show, a few minutes ago, I was going to test it on stage at the Brothel Comedy Club. It allowed me to orient myself, but mostly, it brought me back to my roots. I liked it a lot and wave at the young of the notes that I find extraordinary. I’m not competitive, but seeing their talent, I had no choice but to justify my place of veteran. I was supposed to be at the height. Them go there with everything to gain; me, I had everything to lose. It has given me a boost.”

The new show is a renewal as much as it is a return back because Paquin returns to the formula the most pure of what is called the stand-up. His accessories are limited to a stool and a microphone. “Of course, says he, it was a stage and some scenery, but which is constituted mainly by lighting expert give a very nice invoice to the show, but it is still fundamentally something super simple.”

The innovation is in the content. The nice Laurent Paquin is more biting, more direct, more raw. At the risk of upsetting. It allows even a vulgarity which to him was foreign. That those who will be attending the show, be warned: it opens the evening on the joke the most vulgar he had ever launched on the scene, history to position themselves to the public. For the easy fun of cause? For that to be more true, not to write with the desire to be unanimous. “Even when one is the most kind and delicate as possible, we always end up displeasing someone. Also assume and make the humor that we really want to do. I don’t want to be beige-just to avoid upset.”

It tells, in this respect, an anecdote founder of Displease. “I had participated in a gala Just for Laughs, in which I was doing a number to insult Jean-Marc Parent-of-way of the wicked and vulgar; it was the concept of the gala. A lady wrote to me to say that I was very disappointed with this number. I answered him very politely, as his message also, telling him that I was sorry but that disappoint was a risk of my business but me, I loved the number. I was happy with my response because it was sincere and it gave me the tone to discuss the new show. In priority, I wanted to be proud of my show and, quite frankly, I am.”

It is unpretentious that it says that there is at its best. “I’ve never been so comfortable on stage and I’ve never had as much confidence in my ability. For me, how to make a gag is the most important factor for its success and it, I master it better than ever. In addition, I have greatly refined the text. I discovered the pleasure it is to cut in the text, to really keep that the best. And even if it forces us to remove the gags that I like and that I find funny but which do not serve the best rhythm of all. I have worked a lot to be really living up to my own expectations.”


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