Change of image for the cine-club

Changement d’image pour le ciné-club

Three-Rivers — The ciné-club The Beautiful on Monday, Shawinigan and celebrates this year its 15th anniversary of existence and for this occasion, the organization has decided to renew its image by creating a new logo in collaboration with the program of desktop publishing and hypermedia for the Collège Shawinigan. The unveiling ceremony of the new visual identity took place at the Cinema Biermans Monday.

The ciné-club has a popularity interesting from the community with about 500 members who are holders of their card. However, according to the formula put forward by the ciné-club, anyone who wants to attend a film in the program may do so by paying $ 10.50 per. The members, subject to the acquisition of a card at a cost of $ 38 for the season, can attend to each film for an outlay of $ 3.75 for. For students, admission is free with a membership card.

The ciné-club The Beautiful Mondays presents a film per week is screened four times on Mondays, 15-h and 19 h, Thursday, at 15 h and 19 h, at the Cinema Biermans Shawinigan.

According to Denise Ferland, manager of communications within the organization, the programming is shaped based on criteria well established. “We’re looking for films that have won major awards or have been the subject of very good reviews. As our programming is made up by blocks of two months at a time, we are able to go and look for recent films. We draw from the works of quality that have completed their first career in commercial theatres, but whose video release has not yet taken place.”

To give some examples, we present this week A woman fantastic while the next week, it will be The venerable W. before The guardians, which will be screened on 7 and 10 may. Films such as the shape of The water, or The meaning of the feast were presented last march.

“Our membership is slightly up from one year to another, but this year, we have recruited several film students of the Collège Shawinigan then, it has earned us a rise in interesting that bodes well for the future,” said Denise Ferland.

The season 2017-2018 will end in mid-may, to resume next September. Anyone who wants to purchase a membership card for the next season can do so from the presale that will take place between 10 may and 15 June. You just need to show up to the restaurant from the bowling alley to the Place Biermans. The ciné-club will inform the programming of the first block during the month of August next.

You can learn more about the ciné-club The Beautiful on Monday by visiting his website at or page Facebook.


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