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Trois-Rivières — February 14, 2017, Marc Montembeault started what he calls his “very small business”, Environmental IM (Industrial Management). A year later, his TPE knows a cruising speed that brings him to “adapt my interventions” in addition to see even some of his customers offer him a permanent position, so its service offering meets a need.

“I trotted around the head for a long time from my small business,” admits the man, 51-year-old who has just completed a career of a quarter of a century in the environment.

After completing his diploma of collegial studies in metallurgy, to the Cégep de Trois-Rivières, he held the position of laboratory technician at the plant for Norsk Hydro in Bécancour, at the end of the 80’s. Three years later, he joined Alcoa, the plant in Deschambault, at the level of the technical support environment. During the past two decades within the multinational company, it shall complete a certificate in environment through the course of the evening and the end of the week.


In 2012, he became coordinator of technical services to the plant stems of Bécancour, also the property of Alcoa. Two years later, the facilities will pass to the hands of Sural and Marc Montembeault then assumes the function of head of Quality and Environment until his departure at the end of 2016. He was responsible for the management of the quality of the environment, including the standards ISO 9001 and 14001, which meant the representation to governments, and employees.

It is in this context that it will seize “a great opportunity to work at my own pace” based Environment IM, which aims to support companies in their activities and environmental obligations.

And experience, he has it in spades, having touched to the operation of the systems of treatment of air and water as well as waste management. With regard to the management of environmental issues, this included applications for certificates of authorization and certificates of sanitation along with analysis of projects, audits to ISO 9001 and 14001. That’s not counting inspections of vegetation, passing by the fluorosis on the teeth of cows up to the responsibility of the joint committee with the UPA.

However, in what Environment IM responds both to a need? “In SMES, there is not necessarily people who are dedicated full-time environment, while the most of the big companies have the resources for these folders, but several are in excess of work at certain times,” explains the developer, who is involved, among other things, for applications for certificates of authorization and analysis préprojet in order to facilitate and accelerate the acceptance.

On the market, it managed to make its place among the great specialists and local firms and to distinguish themselves from the competition by its ways of doing business. In his first year of starting, he also directed more than a hundred meetings, interviews, service offerings and factory visits.

An example of realization? The monitoring of the soil remediation on the site of Three Rivers on the Saint Lawrence river. “It is quite significant for my business. Of course, this place is at the mouth of the Saint-Maurice river, but also downstream of my services. Yes, I’ve had this contract by reason of the former paper, but for me, for my company, rather, it is upstream that my actions can help companies to just not bequeath to the future of contaminated sites”, he says.

Thus, it offers businesses large and small to see with them how now they can put practices in place to prevent contamination of soil and water or pollute the air. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve waste management and to integrate sustainable development into the activities of the company: that other beneficial effects of its interventions.

“My clients are companies who need environmental support to a technical point of view, for the preparation of permit applications and for the planning of environmental projects”, summarizes the one who offers a service that is personalised and adapted to the expectations and goals of the client.

After being involved as volunteers with the organization ExcelCieArt, a candidate in the contest OSEntreprendre and Aims in the thousand wants to finally “join the people” to share contracts, and this, in a spirit of coaching.

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Years of experience in


15 000

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contaminated supervised


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