An exceptional season for Tourism Mauricie

Une saison exceptionnelle pour Tourisme Mauricie

With the nice weather approaching, companies in the region have referred to the winter season exceptional. Tourisme Mauricie announced on Monday that the overall picture of the season, which proved to be a success.

For more than half of these companies, the winter season can be qualified as good, if not better than last year. Several of them reported to have maintained or increased their tourist traffic of over 15%. This is the case for the KiNipi Spa, the Round Corner of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, Home of the Leclercs, the Relay 22 miles in the Haute-Mauricie and the Festi-Wheel Large Battery. There are also positive regarding the traffic of the accommodation establishments. Since January, the revenue relating to the accommodation recorded an increase of 6.3%.

The weather seems to be as much hindered as helped some companies. Thanks to the good weather during the week of spring break, the Web sites have seen their attendance of the family clientele increase compared to last year. In a survey conducted between the 9th and the 20th of April last by Tourisme Mauricie, the respondents mentioned that their success was due to the addition of activities in their programming, increase their investments in advertising on the Web and the growing popularity. Of the 77 companies surveyed included accommodation establishments, restaurants, festivals, attractions and events of various sizes, and based everywhere in the Mauricie region.

New record this year, nearly fifty companies have invested with Tourisme Mauricie, in the promotional campaign of this winter. Outdoor activities, relaxation, culture and entertainment have been promoted on the quebec market via targeted advertising on social media. Because of this, nearly 12,000 business opportunities were generated for the participating companies.

For the next five years, the organization seeks to bring the business to expand to meet the needs of travelers. In the position as director general since last December, Geneviève Boivin asserts that investments have been made recently.

“In a cause and effect relationship, the enhancement and the renewal of tourism products, particularly those of winter, help to create a wow, and to generate memories of vacations memorable and amazing.”

A strategic plan will be put in place in order to develop the tourism offer and accompanying members in a transition to digital. “We will conduct promotional campaigns, and develop our Web-based tools, pushing them even more. We will always give a small shot to go even further.”

The blog of Tourism in the Mauricie region continues to grow and records to date over 400,000 visits, almost three times more than the average of the regions of the province excluding Montreal and Quebec city. It strongly believes that these blog posts will attract people, especially the young customers. She argues that the Mauricie is a young tourist region in the flower of age.

“We can dream big and it has a nature that is very authentic. Our area offers large spaces, which makes it is a product in itself. The traveler who comes here can live the excitement, it can stun in mass, and to discover.”


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