The QAF focuses on the “waste” of public funds

La CAQ se penche sur le «gaspillage» des fonds publics

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) believes that the quebec government could fetch millions of dollars per year, he attacked the “waste” of public funds in government departments and public agencies.

“It must be understood that this is not because we invest a lot we invest well”, said the mp caquiste Éric Caire, who was at the press conference, Sunday morning, in the company of the candidates of the CAQ, Youri Chassin and Alice Khalil.

The representatives caquistes believe that the government Couillard does not have done enough for the past four years to improve management in government departments and public agencies.

The CAQ has suggested four measures, which would, according to the party to save money, at the end of four years, $ 800 million per year.

The party suggests to consolidate data centres and to digitize the administrative services of the government – according to the CAQ, the government is spending millions in photocopying and printer cartridges.

“Frankly, it’s not 1998,” said Ms. Khalil.

The CAQ also proposes to reduce the cost of procurement of goods and services, notably in putting an end to the rule of the lowest bidder.

“The bid price should remain a factor in the award of the contract. What we said is that we have to balance that,” he explained, noting that it was necessary to consider also the quality,” argued Mr. Cairo.

The party also wished to reduce the expenditure in information technologies, creating a new body which will have the mandate to reduce spending in various departments and agencies.

Mr. Cairo, the spokesman of the CAQ in terms of efficiency of public administration, has indicated that a government caquiste would abolish the Centre de services partagés du Québec (CSPQ) and the chief information Officer (CIO) to make a single body.

“All this world will stumble each other with the happy result that year after year, the auditor general tells us that the CSPQ does not deliver the goods, and with the happy result that one has the impression that the government of Quebec that it is absolutely impossible to succeed in an it project,” he said.

“By combining this expertise-under one hat, with a single line of responsibility, we, we think that we will increase the effectiveness exponentially.”

The CSPQ’s mission is to provide to public bodies – government departments and municipalities, among other goods and services, including hardware resources and information.

The government defends itself

On the sidelines of an event in Montreal, the prime minister Philippe Couillard refuted the critics of the CAQ, claiming that Quebec was recognized for its good management of public finances.

“I see that they offer $ 800 million of savings, we are always happy to see that, we will see how it is built, it may be a little fragile. But already, with everything that Mr. Legault has promised, I have for several billions of dollars a year, then it will have that it all works one day,” he said.

“What the CAQ proposes, we already did”, added the president of the treasury Board, Pierre Arcand, who was at the side of the prime minister.

“Since its inception in 2005, the Centre de services partagés du Québec has resulted in savings of$ 1.3 billion. My goal is to bring the CSPQ to realize even greater savings for taxpayers,” he wrote earlier on Twitter.


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