The conservatives want to know the consequences of a carbon tax

Les conservateurs veulent savoir les conséquences d’une taxe sur le carbone

OTTAWA — The spokesperson for conservative finance Pierre Poilievre will be asked this week in the House of commons to force the government to disclose the amount of the invoice that will have to pay the Canadians for the heating, gasoline, and the grocery store when the carbon tax reaches $ 50 a ton.

Mr. Poilievre said the government holds this information, because it has obtained, under the Act of access to information, a note from the ministry of Finance mentioning the existence of a report on the potential impact of a carbon tax, based on consumption data of households.

He deplored the fact that the data in this report are censored.

The mp is said to have been part of its intentions to submit a resolution to demand that the government shall file these documents in the House of commons.

The federal government has asked the provinces to establish a price on carbon from next year, otherwise he would impose himself. The draft law on the execution of certain provisions of the budget, which is currently studied by the Parliament, contains provisions conferring power to make regulations to this end.

The provisions of the draft law on the tax on the carbon count of 200 pages, but it is not stated anywhere what will be the cost for the population, said Mr. Poilievre.

“The government cannot impose a tax if it is not approved by the Parliament, but the Parliament can not approve something that he ignores. The Parliament is currently left in the dark.”

The government can refuse the request by explaining that it is a notice given to the government or information that could harm the canadian economy.

“If the fact of knowing that the cost of the carbon tax will hurt the canadian economy, well! this is even worse than we had thought,” commented the elected conservative.

Mr. Poilievre has already filed a complaint to the information commissioner, Caroline Maynard, asking her to investigate the government’s refusal to disclose this information in its request for the document. According to him, Ms. Maynard has accepted her request.


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