Dany Laferrière, and the charm of words

Richard Therrien
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Dany Laferrière et le charme des mots

CHRONIC / Dany Laferrière not disappointed me in any of his appearances “Tout le monde en parle”, and it was no exception on Sunday evening. Who else that the Academician would have been able to make the eulogy of the alphabet with as much verb and eloquence? “If it were not for the alphabet, we would all be dead. […] Alphabet bears the burden of the world. If it were not for this, you imagine, we could have lost all memory of the world”, he said, noting, in passing, that the vowels were “snobby and pretentious”, looking at the consonants of the top.

Laferrière, who seems to every time experience a real pleasure on this plateau, was written and drawn by the hand of his 30th book, self-Portrait in Paris with a cat. He laments that the computer has taken us to neglect our own hands, “the first tool of man and of life”. “The hand has a memory that the computer has not. […] We refuse to use it. We are in the process of losing something.”

The novelist recognizes that the Academy has only four women and wishes that there had been more. “Let’s say four women and a Black,” he added, recalling that there were more women authors than men, and that 80% of the readership is female.

While its last five years seem to be past at the speed of lightning, Marc Dupré remains with the impression of having a bit neglected his own. “I will miss my children, my wife, my family life,” said the former coach of The voice, who left the show by choice, and who does not know whether he will go back there one day. He wrote to his wife Why are you stayed?, wondering how she could bear to be anxious that he is, and who is working non-stop. “I would bring it to the house,” he says. Since the death of his father-in-law René Angélil, Dupré and his wife are going to a lot less in Las Vegas, still living with their grief.

“It is really better than me,” he says of his daughter Stella, with whom he sings a duet. A Justin Bieber chinese has resumed her song, The storm, a tobacco in his country. “I have not made a fortune with it,” says, however, Dupre, who is about to go up on the stage at the Bell Centre and Centre Videotron. The card of the fool of the king: “Thou hast so created competitors with The voice today, you are reduced to go to All the world talks about to sell your tickets.”

We can’t get enough of Chantal Machabée, which should finally have their trophy Artis. As she recounts in his biography entitled Chantal Machabée: shorthanded, and signed Guillaume Lefrançois, the star of RDS knew even as a child she wanted to become a sports reporter. Passionate about hockey, she has collected a good fifty autograph of Guy Lafleur, his idol as always. In his debut at the RDS, she had to decide to wear pins to fix a single tooth, wobbly at the request of a patron, so that it did not require male co-workers bedonnants to lose 30 pounds. She has done everything, including describe the tournaments of irons with Jean-Paul Chartrand.

She keeps in touch with Jacques Demers, deprived of speech, but who manages to communicate. “In spite of all these hardships, he remains happy,” says the journalist and broadcaster, who has supported Mr. Demers before he unveils the great day that he was illiterate. Examples of comments that are vulgar and nasty that she can receive: “You’re a slut. You have to have sex with the players. You’re a conasse. You know nothing. What are you still doing here? You’re too old to be there.” And it’s worse when the Canada experienced a series of defeats. He had to find a fault to Chantal Machabée: she admits she rite a lot, on the bridge, the night matches, and can let go of a “what is he doing here, estie cauldron?”

“I thought you were going to do the interview with a bag over the head”, said outright Dany Turcotte Marc Bergevin, who had the take down on Sunday. “What happened last year is unacceptable and I take full responsibility,” says the general manager of the Canadian. He points the finger at the offensive-deficient, l'”atrocious” game shorthanded, the season “below their capabilities” of Carey Price, as well as defenders. Will he endure the baboune of Carey Price during the eight years of his contract? Bergevin has found the way to defend his guardian, speaking of a “be sensitive” and “frustrated”.

He rejects the rumors of his squabbles with Max Pacioretty, identified by, among others, Mike Bossy, and contradicts Réjean Tremblay, who said he knew of Geoff Molson that the decision to trade P. K. Subban was taken months before the transaction. Don’t expect him to regret this exchange, as well as supporters still have on the heart.

Colombe St-Pierre has character, and we love it. Elected as chief of the year at the first gala des Lauriers de la gastronomie québécoise, she speaks frankly of what the faces, especially of the marriage impossible between industrial production and craftsmanship, considered wrongly on an equal footing by our regulations. Yes, women are less likely than men in gastronomy, as in the Michelin guide. “My fellow men have always been there for me,” she said, however, adding to have never been mistreated by them. “I’ve always had a character that left no room for any form of bullying,” she said about the movement #moiaussi in gastronomy. She laughs upon hearing the name of Jean-Claude Apollo, which inspired him to make this gag a little dubious, but appreciated the support: “It would be good, a matante slut!” Touted by Dany Laferrière, who greet her boldness and describes the cuisine as “feisty” but “very sophisticated” at the same time, the owner of Chez St-Pierre in the Bic shall be fully responsible for his choice to hold a restaurant in the area, but admits to having recorded a deficit for the first time in the last year.

The film Origami, a blend of psychological drama and science fiction, brings us back to François Arnaud, who plays a restorer of works of art that could move on its own time line. A medium who speaks to the dead in Midnight, Texas, François Arnaud prefers plateaus americans to the French, where the actors would be less well prepared. “They talk to the make-up as if it was scrap, “he says of the French colleagues. The actor lives in Brooklyn, but bored of Québec and to “live in French”. Quebec producers, take note. The card of Dany: “You’re young and beautiful, have fun. By experience, I say to you, it will not.”

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