Coupe Dodge: three-aces for the Mauricie region

Coupe Dodge: trois carrés d’as pour la Mauricie

Three-Rivers — Booms bantam AAA came to put an end to a long famine for the integrated structure. Adolescents Carl-Eric Lemay has been a glittering career at the Cutting Dodge in Ottawa, before losing 7-4 in the grand final in the face of the Lions du Lac St-Louis, the favourites in this category. The Booms being ranked at 10th level, the provincial ranking POC, Lemay was obviously proud of his troop.

“The guys gave it their all in the final, but this was not to be. We faced a team very talented. We will hear from several players that we have met in the final in the media over the next few years”, predicted the driver. “This defeat takes nothing away from our pride. A Cup final Dodge, it is something! One is more disappointed than the end of the season than a defeat as such. It was really a nice group.”

The Booms can console themselves with their banner champions of the tournament nationale de Sainte-Foy, released in January. Lemay admits that he had a good feeling by bringing in the Outaouais region. He believes that his team made it to the end of his road with this presence in the final. “I liked our preparation. It has practiced these past three weeks, I knew that we could Cut Dodge in confidence. We took the matches one by one, and we have done very beautiful things.”

This training) was the only one of the Mauricie region, in the final. The last time a team from the integrated structure has won the last game of the year, it was in 2010, while the bantams Kevin Desrochers – focused in particular on Alexis D’aoust, Anthony Richard, Guillaume Beaudoin and Jonathan Deschamps had won the top honours in this tournament bringing together the champions of minor hockey in all regions of Quebec.

The other two aces
Another team of the integrated structure has almost crept up in the final. In the atom AA, the Condors of the Region-Is declined flag 2-1 in the semi-final on Sunday, a setback heart-breaking to desire since it has been cashed in the shootout. The Draveurs of Trois-Rivières, one of the favorite teams in the junior AA, have also been halted in the semi-final. These two teams have thus brought the bronze medal in their baggage.

Leclair satisfied
“Three aces, including one final, for a small region such as ours, I find it good”, considered the president of Hockey Mauricie René Leclair. “We have been well represented by our teams. Some would have been able to go further if the draw had been a little more friendly. We have a team by category. Some pools have 4! It is certain that our chances of back Cuts and the Dodge are lower than other regions…”

Leclair was the first great mass of minor hockey as president, having succeeded to the deceased André Ricard. He says he enjoyed his stay in Ottawa. “It’s challenging, some sites are more remote. But at the same time, it is so exciting. I liked the performance of our teams.”


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