Women on the front line

Des femmes sur la ligne de front

Shawinigan — After four weeks of trial, very clever one who could predict the outcome of a class action in progress at the palace of justice of Shawinigan, which focuses on the need for guidance on further flights of seaplanes tourism on the lake at the Tortoise and the relevance of compensating the residents for the inconveniences suffered since 2008. However, it is assumed that women will play a crucial role, since they make up the whole of the legal personnel involved in this cause.

The trial is chaired by judge Suzanne Ouellet. On the side of the plaintiff, My Marie-Anaïs Sauvé and Catherine Sylvester are driving this folder from its infancy. In Bel-Air Laurentien aviation, defense is assumed by My Myriam Brixi and Karine Joizil.

This is not all. The Attorney general of Canada has delegated My Michelle Kellam and Lindy Rouillard-Labbé for this trial. That of Quebec has entrusted the folder to My Valerie Lamarche and Patricia Blair.

It is a situation, to say the least exceptional, but the data for the Bar of Quebec tend to show that it is likely to repeat.

In fact, it is necessary to go back to 2013 to track a larger number of men than women in this profession. Since that time, the number of lawyers is almost maintained in Quebec, but their female colleagues have experienced strong growth. At the present time, women account for 53 % of the members, with 14 244 lawyers on the 26 828 registered in the table of the bar association.

The observation makes you smile the main concerned with the instruction of the class action, the Coalition against noise, is one of ten court cases to watch this year in Quebec, according to a list proposed by the magazine The news in February.

“We remarked to us,” says Me Saved. “The judge has noticed that also. However, it is a trend. There are more women in the profession. So, this is something that we maybe see more.”

I Joizil said that at the beginning of his practice, it was not unusual for her to surprise a colleague or even a colleague talk to a judge calling him “Sir”, before you get confused in apology and resume.

Des femmes sur la ligne de front

The lawyers for Bel-Air Laurentien aviation, My Karine Joizil and Myriam Brixi (Lavery).

Sylvain Mayer.

“It is representative of where is going, the’ profession, corroborates Me Joizil. “Women are the majority in various faculties of law. It is a beautiful flower for those who have gone before, but for the rest, I get up in the morning and I just do my job. It is a nice step forward, but I did not like my time feminist of my career!”

On his side, Me Brixi noted that it is also a beautiful sign of confidence of the two firms represented in the context of this trial, or new year’s eve Painchaud and associates for the plaintiffs and Lavery, for the respondent.

“They come from, and, in others, firms that encourage women to put themselves forward,” she noted. “Our office provides opportunities for women to contribute in a meaningful way. But in my opinion, there is something even more blatant in this folder: we are all young women.”

“It is not common to have a cause-100 % of women”, should be Me new year’s eve. “But I’m not certain that it actually really makes a difference in the manner of conducting the case.”

I Joizil sharing this opinion. “If I had fellow male in front of me, I wouldn’t be doing my job differently”, she says.

Difficult to analyze the impact of the feminization of the profession under this angle actually, but at the beginning of the trial, there occurred an exchange which might not be taken the same turn with a majority of the men involved. Before the holiday of easter, the defendant wished to quickly receive some documents from the applicants, a task that required a lot of research. Me Sylvestre wanted to postpone this filing in a few days, in order to be able to blow a little and spend time with his daughter. The court has shown itself sensitive to this argument.

“It was a question of reconciliation of work and family”, shade Me new year’s eve. “I put it forward because I have a little girl and it is important for me to see a little, despite the fact that it is at the trial and that we don’t have a lot of time on a personal level.”

“This case is particular in its implementation in the state”, glide Me Saved. “It was not complete when the trial date has been set, which is very rare. It adjusts as you go. It is at full speed. It puts more than twice as hard, we sleep very little.”

The trial was expected to conclude on 27 April, not counting the oral argument. On Thursday, the judge Ouellet has already argued that the five weeks provided for in the statement does not suffice probably not, and that it would possibly be resumed in mid-may.


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