Trudeau and Hehr attend an anti-sexual harassment training

Trudeau et Hehr assistent à une formation contre le harcèlement sexuel

HALIFAX — Justin Trudeau and Kent Hehr, a former minister who left the cabinet of Mr. Trudeau as a result of allegations of misconduct towards women, were among the members of the liberal Party of Canada, who participated in a anti-sexual harassment training Saturday.

It was the first time that the political party that dealt with this topic in the framework of one of its national congresses.

After the one-hour session, which the media were not able to attend, the prime minister said that this training was part of the “important discussion” that is currently taking place on sexual harassment in the workplace.

He added that this meeting, even if it did not solve everything, was a step in the right direction, but that it should continue to work to address the challenges inherent to this problem.

Mr. Hehr has, for its part, claimed to have found the training “excellent”.

According to the mp of Calgary, the session focused in particular on the work places are safe, how to intervene in cases of sexual harassment and how to show the example.

Kent Hehr resigned in January from his post of minister of Sport and Persons with disabilities, the time that takes place an investigation on a complaint according to which he would have held about of a sexual nature to a woman when he was a member of the legislative Assembly of Alberta. He had allegedly told the complainant that she looked “luscious”.

Other complaints were subsequently filed, one alleging that Mr. Hehr has touched a young employee on the hill.

On Saturday, the former minister wouldn’t comment on the investigation.

When asked whether he had heard something during the training that had led to wonder if he had behaved inappropriately in the past, he replied: “We always have the option to learn in life. Of course, we are always trying to move forward and improve.”

He indicated that they have already taken part in similar training before.

Since Justin Trudeau became leader of the liberal Party in 2013, four members left the caucus of the political party or have been expelled due to sexual misconduct allegations.


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