Congress liberal: Trudeau brings back the spectre of Stephen Harper

Congrès libéral: Trudeau ramène le spectre de Stephen Harper

In a speech pre-election congress of the federal liberals, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has defended the record of his government that his opponents are trying to discredit and has brought back the spectre of the former conservative prime minister, Stephen Harper.

“The present leader of the opposition has presented Canadians with a year ago as Stephen Harper with a smile — his words, not ours. As if the biggest problem with the former government was the facial expressions of Mr. Harper!” launched Mr. Trudeau in front of the activists raring to together in Halifax.

“No, my friends. The personal temperament of Stephen Harper has not disappointed the Canada, what are its policies.”

According to him, the conservatives have “nothing” learned from their defeat in 2015, and the ideology of former prime minister Stephen Harper is still very much alive within the party.

“If there’s one thing, just one thing that we’ve learned about the conservative Party, under the direction of Andrew Scheer, it is this : perhaps it is the smile of Andrew Scheer, but it is still the party of Stephen Harper,” he said.

According to the prime minister, Mr. Scheer wants to dismantle the liberal plan to tackle climate change and to ease the control on firearms.

These repeated attacks against the conservative Party, are probably not foreign to the publication of several polls that put the liberals in trouble in the face of the conservatives.

Justin Trudeau has also touted his record since coming to power, in October 2015.

It is forbidden to work on its image, highlighting the achievements of his government, who have a real impact on Canadians.

“Still, there are people who claim that we are an image without substance”, has he supported.

“Try to tell that to the millions of middle-class Canadians who are paying less taxes than before. Try to explain that the better-off who pay more tax than before. Them, in any case, they are reminding us every day that it is not just a picture.”

Mr. Trudeau also pointed to his reform on the control of firearms, and the feminist approach of his government.

“We are feminists, declared the prime minister. We are, because it is the right thing to do and because it is the smart thing to do.”

The prime minister has, however, admitted that there was a lot of work to do, among others to ensure a better reconciliation with the Aboriginal people and to make Canada a more equal society.


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