Technology in place of the trays brown?

Une technologie à la place des bacs bruns?

THREE-RIVERS — As well of the citizens, the mayor of Trois-Rivières, Yves Lévesque, did not really look forward to make space, at home, in the famous brown bin, the third of the collection after the waste tray and the tray recovery.

On the occasion of the next meeting of the Governance and management of residual materials, of the Mauricie, in may, the mayor of Trois-Rivières wants to discuss an alternative that appears to be very promising. It is a technology created by a Quebec-based company called Waste Robotics, which has developed, last year, a robot able to sort the compostable materials in the waste tray.

Recall that, by 2020, municipalities will no longer have the right to bury the organic material can be composted such as grass clippings, food scraps and dead leaves. For most cities, the sorting of these materials involves the distribution of bins brown to the citizens, and the collection of these materials and their treatment which would be in the form of composting in the region.

The only implementation of the brown bin will cost $ 3.5 million to the region, ” said mayor Yves Lévesque

The chairman of the Régie de gestion des matières résiduelles de la Mauricie, Michel Angers, is familiar with the alternative spoken of by the mayor Lévesque. “I have already met people from Waste Robotics a few times,” he says. “Is that the robots work? Yes, but there are many more” to be considered, he argued.

The truck full of our household waste will arrive by the hundreds each day to LET in Saint-Étienne-des-Grès. They are weighed at the entrance of the SOW, and are transported then to a cell of a landfill for the dumping of their contents. With a solution robotic, the mayor of Angers can already see the huge building of the reception that he would have to be constructed.

“The amount of waste that we have to deal with, this is not a robot, but seven robots that you should have. Can you imagine the line that we should be having and the place of its reception as such. Imagine the building of which we would need to temporarily store wastes that are known to be sorted by seven lines,” explains the mayor of Angers.

The spokesperson of Waste Robotics, Michel Laforest, indicates that it evaluates only four of the number of robots that are necessary for a city the size of Quebec. It is clear, therefore, that there should be even less for the Mauricie region, he argued.

“Once we have sorted these items, he will have a place to receive party compostable. It takes equipment to load and unload it all,” explains the president of the RGMRM.

Michel Laforest considers that, in any case, it will require special facilities to accommodate the compostable materials.

The Régie, ” said mayor Angers, opts rather for the sorting at the source that will make each citizen in taking the habit of putting his putrescible waste in the brown bin on a daily basis. Mr. Laforest, him, says that with its technology, the citizens will have the same sorting at the source to do so. Here, therefore, is not the issue, he believes.

The only implementation of the brown bin will cost $ 3.5 million to the region, ” said mayor Lévesque. “In Trois-Rivières, we have 1200 kilometres of road,” he says. The transportation of materials, costs about $ 1 million per year, he adds.

Mr. Lévesque says that with the technology of Waste Robotics, we put our compostable materials in a special bag that you can place in the waste container.

“The waste tray may take our compostable materials since they are already inside now”, pleaded he.

Yves Lévesque considers that the robotic solution is much less polluting and less expensive in the long term. It would, according to him, the creation of a third collection circuit. “The avoided costs are enormous,” says Michel Laforest.

“The technology is interesting,” acknowledges Michel Angers. “It is all that surrounds it”, argues he, which poses a problem.

The board and the board of directors both have received the presentation of Waste Robotics, but the mayor Angers indicates that, despite everything, “we are going to redo our homework”, he says.

The City of Three-Rivers as a major partner, “it’s worth the trouble to explain the issues. We are going to take the time, with Mr. Levesque, to explain things. We are going to try to bring him all the answers to his questions,” says the president.

Note that Innovation and economic development Trois-Rivières has just granted a loan of $ 150,000 to the company from the local investment Fund.

The director general of IDE Trois-Rivières, Mario De Tilly, shows that it is a help to the commercialization phase of the product of Waste Robotics and the continuous improvement of the technology, the product with international potential. The manufacturing site of the product is located in Trois-Rivières. One can understand that the Régie is a little ticklish in the face of this kind of technological novelty.

In 2006, she was engaged in the production of biogas from its landfill burial cells, a new technology poorly managed, at that time, which has experienced significant setbacks and that will cost the Régie, a trial is very long and condemnation of $ 1.3 million in favor of the company Les Serres du Saint-Laurent.


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