Philippe Brunel will be president of the Fondation du College Shawinigan

Philippe Brunel sera président de la Fondation du Collège Shawinigan

Shawinigan — the Foundation of The Collège Shawinigan has announced the appointment of Philippe Brunel at the head of its board of directors.

According to the vice-president Luc Grenier and his vast experience will be an asset to the Foundation.

A former student at the College from 2002 to 2005 in the program of computer technology, his interest in sports led him to obtain a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. In 2008, man has developed the training room and the fitness of the clients with heart problems or patients with multiple sclerosis. The new president is also involved in various boards of directors and has served on the Chamber of commerce and industry of Shawinigan.

It is with a strong will, as Philippe Brunel wishes to highlight the Foundation of an entire community shawiniganaise. “I am very proud to join the Foundation as president, to help our succession planning and to develop the sense of belonging to the Collège Shawinigan.”


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