Misconduct: Couillard boasts the “independent” complaints to the QLP

Inconduites: Couillard vante le traitement «indépendant» des plaintes au PLQ

The prime minister Philippe Couillard has shown happy Friday how has been treated the complaint of Maude-Félixe Gagnon in the place of Gerry Sklavounos.

The young woman, 18 years of age was alleged in The Press to have suffered the advances unwanted, mp, when he was deputy leader of the government and that it was minor.

It has been excluded from the liberal caucus in 2016, after another woman, Alice Pack, had alleged that he had sexually assaulted her. The Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP) has finally concluded that Mr. Sklavounos had not committed “any criminal act” in the place of Ms Package.

In his interview to The Press, Ms. Gagnon stated that his complaint had all of walked along to the liberal Party and that she felt supported.

“The testimony this morning is rather complimentary as to that question, responded the prime minister, who was visiting Montreal on Friday. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do better.”

Mr. Couillard welcomed the appointment of a person as “independent” within his party to address these issues. He was said to have requested that the complaints process is “equated with what is done elsewhere better.”

He urged all parties, groups and companies in Quebec to do the same.

“We will ensure that all employees of the Quebec liberal Party, especially the employees, are aware that if there is a problem, we can go see a person who is independent, who is not directly related to the organization and who can really act quickly. And this is what has been put in place, this is not an intention, it is in place, and it’s got to be like that,” said the prime minister.

The liberals have had to deal this week with other allegations of sexual misconduct, this time for the mna for Argenteuil, Yves St-Denis. The opposition parties argue that the liberals have attempted to “hide” this business since 2014.

Following a complaint filed by an employee of the liberal Party in the Laurentides region, Mr. St-Denis has admitted to have sent to that lady a picture obscene.

In an interview to the Cogeco network, Mr. St-Denis was assimilated to the transmission of this photo a “joke”, made from a captured image to the tv then it visionnait a pornographic film. He has since been expelled from the liberal caucus.


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