It moved to city hall

Ça déménage à l’hôtel de ville

THREE RIVERS — It was a day of big move on Friday after-noon at the city hall of Trois-Rivières, a sign that work is about to start at the underground parking of the hotel de ville. Throughout the evening Friday and throughout the weekend, the movers will transport the equipment from the hotel de ville to the railway station of the rue Champflour, where the offices will be relocated during the construction works of the bus depot.

It will be recalled that the works necessary for the rehabilitation of this parking will result in its complete closure as of Monday, and until the end of the month of August. However, due to the nature of the work, the relocation of some services located at city hall, was become necessary for the proper conduct of the site and the continuation of the operations of the municipal administration.

Thus, several services and a quarantine of employees will spend the next few months on the side of the railway station of the rue Champflour, starting with the mayor’s office. The services of the directorate general of finance and the registry will also be relocated to this location. The move will focus mostly on the computer terminals, boxes, chairs, tables and fridges, ” says a spokesperson for the City, Cynthia Simard.

“The office furniture, however, remains at the city hall. The premises of the station were already furnished, we supplemented with some furniture pieces that were in our stores”, she explains.

The services of the archives, evaluation, payroll and accounts payable will remain in service in the second floor of the city hall of Trois-Rivières. “In order to access their services, people will have to ring the warden can give them access to the building,” recalls Cynthia Simard.

To note that the public meetings of the city council will continue to take place at the public hall at the usual times.

In addition, the bibliothèque Gatien-Lapointe, who had to close completely during the time of work at the underground parking lot, will finally remain open under a modified schedule. The library will open its doors from Monday to Thursday, from 19 hours when the work will be completed for the day. On Friday, unusually, it will be accessible from 13 h to 21 h. At the end of the week, Saturday and Sunday, the library will be open from 10 h to 17 h.

The other municipal libraries, which were at the same time change their opening hours to compensate for the closure of Gatien-Lapointe, are coming back to their regular business hours.


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