Investment of 458$ 150 for the health

Investissement de 458 150$ pour la santé

SHAWINIGAN — The Foundation of the SSS Energy has announced a $ 458 150 $ in the Energy region in the year 2018.

This sum will be used to finance the purchase of medical devices as well as to allow the realization of innovative projects in different settings, including the Hospital of the Centre-de-la-Mauricie, shelters, Laflèche and Saint-Maurice, the regional mental health Centre, the family medicine Unit in Shawinigan and even within the House of the Three Doves.

“This is the culmination of all the efforts made during the year. You want people to be conscientisent and understand that we are not only the Foundation of the Hospital, as we liked to say at the time. Yes, we are investing in the Hospital of the Centre-de-la-Mauricie, but we also support initiatives provided to persons with loss of autonomy in mental health is that for the youth,” says Amélie Vallée, director general of the Foundation of the SSS of the Energy.

Among the projects funded by the Foundation are an ultrasound system portable and an electrocardiograph to the benefit of the medicine Unit in Shawinigan. The Foundation will also fund a loan equipment to a value of 42 050 $, which may be given to the House of the Three Doves, so that it can proceed with the purchase of various devices such as a heating cabinet for coverage, a therapeutic bath, an up-to-person, mobile, etc more, the department of medical imaging, Hospital of the Centre-de-la-Mauricie will now be equipped with a device of radiography of the specimens, which will increase the number of biopsies performed each day while decreasing the duration of it.

Considerable investment will also be used to finance equipment for the palliative care team at home.

Remember that the cyclists of the ride of the Energy-Paint Boomerang amass also funds that will allow for the acquisition of a pet scanner from the optic nerve to the department of ophthalmology. This device will be particularly useful to diagnose cases of dystrophy of the optic nerve that were impossible to detect with the devices currently available. The Foundation will also invest the project of development of accommodation units for residents with neurocognitive disorders with behaviors of agitation pathological in the Centers of accommodation of Saint-Maurice and Laflèche.

On the side of the youth, several initiatives will be supported using funds earmarked in this regard. To this effect, a tococardiographe will now be available at Parent-child Center. Also, support groups will be established in order to better help young people living with a diagnosis of ADHD.

It should also be noted that the Foundation will invest more than 20 000 $ in various projects related to mental health in order to allow the users to acquire healthy lifestyle habits in addition to promoting physical activity in their daily lives.


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