Grievances are unjustified, according to an expert

Doléances injustifiées, selon une experte

SHAWINIGAN — You can’t say that the experts assigned by Bel-Air Laurentien aviation in the framework of the class action on the flights of seaplanes tourist put on white gloves to tint the positions of the witnesses of the Coalition against noise. After the passage of enough noticed Jacques Savard in the middle of the week, Diane B. Boivin has continued the work of demolition of the respondent on Friday afternoon, during the sixteenth day of the statement.

The expert does not see anything in the reports of Vinacoustik and the audiologist Chantal Laroche, which could explain the soundscape unbearable denounced by some local residents at the lake to the Turtle. Ms. Boivin describes the flights of seaplanes tourism as episodes are infrequent, which can certainly not justify the discomforts or diseases listed since the beginning of the trial. It is suspected that a training effect was inflated with helium to the grievances.

Ms. Boivin has been accepted as an expert in the sciences of neurological and psychiatric and in the impact on the human beings of disruptive events, including noise. Bunch of diplomas, she is the founder and director of the Center for the study and treatment of circadian rhythms at the Douglas Institute, in addition to being a researcher and a professor in the department of medicine of McGill University.

Me Marie-Anaïs Sauvé, counsel to the Coalition against noise, spent forty minutes to interview dr. Boivin on his field of expertise, in order to raise doubts on his ability to analyze the problems experienced by several residents of the lake to the Turtle. It should be noted that at the beginning of the trial, the expert lists have been approved by each party, but judge Suzanne Ouellet reserves the right to assess the strength of evidence of each witness’s testimony.

Doléances injustifiées, selon une experte

Dr. Diane B. Boivin has not missed its effect in the framework of the class action on the flights of seaplanes tourism, on Friday afternoon at the palais de justice de Shawinigan.

Sylvain Mayer

The wind
Dr. Boivin says it is unable to trace any study that would demonstrate the occurrence of cardiovascular disorders due to the noise from the takeoffs of seaplanes. It emits the same reservations for sleep disorders or any other symptoms linked to this activity that could affect a broad cross-section of the target population, considering that these ailments develop in a context much more complex. Same judgment in regard to the problems of communication already mentioned.

“The flights of seaplanes, in general, are not frequent enough to cause problems of attention,” she said. “I don’t see how they could disrupt social activities. I am unable to conclude that it is a problem that is severe and recurring, to the point alter the quality of life of local residents.”

Me Myriam Brixi, lawyer of Bel-Air Laurentien aviation, has also asked for the opinion of Ms. Boivin on the unpredictability of the tourist flights from one day to the other. Local residents consider that by having five take-offs a day and forty the next day, he develops, in the long run, a certain anxiety.

“In my opinion, is that there is a predictability in that unpredictability,” said the professor. “Since the restrictions of 2009, we know the periods of operation during the day. It is foreseeable to expect that there are flights between 9 am and 12 pm and between 14 h and 17 h. This is to be expected that there will be no flights in the evening, on weekends in June, July and August, there will be no tourist flights to six months per year.”

Ms. Boivin also minimizes the importance of the complaints made by citizens, who may not, in his opinion, “serve as the malaise of a target population”.

“In this context, people tend to exaggerate”, nods approval. “I have a lot of misery to consider a compilation of letters as a valid measure. People tend to exaggerate, intentionally or not, the discomfort they perceive.”

Working in the field of medicine over the past thirty years, dr. Boivin note that the accessibility of information now allows people to spread like wildfire concerns are unjustified.

“On the basis of analysis of medical and scientific, we can’t make the connection. You can not link the soundscape to a health impact.”

The cross-examination by Me Catherine Sylvestre does not suffer from the debilitating. It is, however, applied to clarify the context of the exploitation of Bel-Air Laurentien aviation, for example, by pointing out that there is no limitation of tourist flights during periods of schedule restrictions.

She also stressed to the Court that Ms. Boivin had never gone to the lake to the Turtle before drafting its reports in 2016 and 2018, and that it is maintaining its interpretation, despite contrary views expressed by the national public health Institute of Quebec or the world health Organization on the impact of noise.


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