Donations of non-compliance: the PQ repays nearly $ 160,000 to the DGEQ

Dons non conformes: le PQ rembourse près de 160 000 $ au DGEQ

The Parti québécois has agreed to pay nearly $ 160,000 in donations to non-compliance to the Director general of elections (DGEQ), which had filed a lawsuit against the party in November 2016.

An out of court settlement has finally been reached on 8 march. The Parti québécois has handed over the 159 800 $ that he claimed the DGEQ.

It required, however the prize pool 284 $ 950 in 2016, to 116 contributions deemed non-compliant. The donations had been collected between 2006 and 2010.

The PQ had then agreed to deliver 90 000 $, but wouldn’t make a difference, challenging the evidence provided by the DGEQ.

Of the amount originally claimed, the PQ has finally agreed to repay almost $ 160,000, since the 35 for $ 150 residual come from donations for which the statute of limitations has been passed, ” says Julie St-Arnaud Drolet, spokesman for the DGEQ.

Available online

It explains all the information that could be made public on the subject of these donations are non-compliant is now available online. “This is not possible for us to do crossovers, for example, between what was the crime initially committed by the contributor and the gift,” continues the spokesperson, questioned about it.

The Parti québécois did not want to give an interview to the Sun. In a written statement, the party maintains, however, be satisfied with this agreement outside of court.

“With this agreement, agreed with the DGEQ, concludes the negotiations, is final, suspends the litigation potential and close the file,” said the PQ.


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