A renewed confidence

Une confiance renouvelée

THREE-RIVERS — IN his second season in the ranks of the college’s american, Christopher Bellemare is delighted to have finally found its rhythm. Among the Indians of McCook Community College, in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), the player originally from Sainte-Ursule would like to maintain the pace in hopes of getting an invitation in a university program in the NCAA.

“It is going well up to now. After a first rough, I adjust the calibre of game, I found my place!”, indicates the product of Baseball CRM and Eagles junior Three-Rivers.

In 25 games since the start of operations with the formation of Nebraska, Bellemare has maintained a batting average of ,313, result of 25 hits, including four circuits. He also added 20 point scored and 8 rbi to his record with an 80-attendance to the plate.

In 2017, in his rookie season, the Mauritian people had struggled to find a niche in the alignment of the coach Jon Olsen. He was limited to 59 at bats in which he posted an average of ,203 with 12 hits, 9 runs scored and 10 rbi.

“I had started the year as starting in the last year. They had made me play to the first goal. And then, I am then found to be a reservist and less play. It was not easy to keep the pace”, the player of 20 years who admits to having found it difficult adapting to the american network.

The workload was even brought to take a break from Eagles junior from Three Rivers, in the heart of the season. “I was tired mentally, I needed to rest,” he says, delighted to be back in full force with the Indians.

“This year, I started hitting right from the start. I was used as a pinch hitter of choice before being moved to left field and earning my spot as a starter. The coach has given me opportunities and I took advantage of that. I feel that I have his confidence.”

For his last season of eligibility in the NJCAA, Bellemare is aware that he must keep the pedal to the floor. With good numbers, he might be able to attract the attention of a program NCAA. “I hope to see statistics that could open me the doors of the NCAA. This is certainly an option that interests me. But I go day-to-day for now.”

The progression observed with the McCook Community College is not the fruit of chance. Bellemare has assured to double our efforts in its preparation.

“I especially wanted to improve defensively. I want to be perfect, when I’m in the field. I, among others, improved my speed, which helps me a lot. Then, at the stick, I have changed my approach. I want to be much more aggressive than before. I want to always be ready for the fast.”

It is necessary to believe that the adjustments to reported the expected dividends, up to the present.


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