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Three-Rivers — regardless of the career of a soloist, a concert performance with symphonic orchestra in his hometown is always a precious moment. The violinist he Antoine Bareil, guest soloist for the concert of the OSTR this Sunday, should be happy. “It is certain that from the moment Jacques Lacombe will call you back with a proposal, it is yes, but in the context of the concert celebrating the 40th anniversary of the OSTR, it was a proposal to the downright unexpected.”

However, when developing the programming of the event, the name of Antoine Bareil was imposed. “We quickly agreed on Antoine, said Natalie Rousseau, general director of the orchestra he. It was natural, inevitable. Even if he has a successful career, he is sought everywhere, it remains close to the orchestra. A lot of people still remember him when he won the youth Contest of the OSTR; he was ten years old, I think. It has marked a lot of people in Trois-Rivières.”

This homecoming is all the more appreciated by the musician that he had the choice of the room that he was going to interpret. He leaned toward a coup de coeur staff room, a remarkable, but perhaps a little misunderstood: the violin Concerto op. 14 Samuel Barber. “This is a piece that I love from the Conservatory. Johanne Pothier, my teacher, I had suggested, because it found that it was my kind. This concerto has fascinated me from the first listening and it remained one of my favorites. I once played with the orchestra of Laval a few years ago and this will be the first time that I play a piece for the second time as a soloist.”

The concerto is characterized by its three movements are radically different from each other, But the third is known for its requirement in term of virtuosity. “It is said that he has been ordered to Barber by a wealthy american businessman who wanted to showcase the virtuosity of his son. The first two movements have been submitted to, and the man who was dissatisfied, believing that it was not demanding enough to demonstrate the talent of his son. Barber may be undertaken in the third movement with a certain spirit of revenge, because then he is really spoiled! It is an explosion of virtuosity. I love the play.”

“It is extremely demanding because I currently have several projects that I was pursuing in composition and interpretation,” said the violinist. I get up every day thinking about this concerto, and I go to bed thinking about them again. It is an extraordinary piece because it reveals several aspects of an interpreter. The third movement is overly bright and quick as the first manifestation of a fullness outstanding. I found the second extremely touching. I cried my first great sorrow of love by listening to this movement that moves me just as much today.”

Sunday’s event will of course be enhanced by some factors that are personal to. “Play with orchestra is always a special time for a musician, especially in a career like mine where I’m also doing chamber music. I love to play at the hall Thompson, who retains for me a truly unique character. In addition, I know a lot of musicians within the OSTR, and it is sure that it is always a special emotion to play with them. Play a piece that I am particularly fond in the framework of the concert of the 40th anniversary of the OSTR, there’s no doubt that this will be a great time of my career.”


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