The hidden treasure of Verreault

Le trésor caché des Verreault

Three-Rivers — With the sale of the plant GLV Fabrication to a group of local managers in the fall of 2013, it was thought well that the transaction marked the end of the presence of the family Verreault in Trois-Rivières. However, a year later, the father Lawrence and his son, Richard, decided to acquire and privatize the division’s pulp and paper Group of GLV. And without fanfare, the company, which has nearly 600 employees worldwide and a turnover of $ 250 million, has just experienced a record year in the level of its sales.

At Three Rivers, about a hundred people working in the facilities are surprisingly large in the industrial park of High-Forges to the design and production of equipment. But GLV, it is also three sites in the United States and a similar number in Sweden. And in India, a second modern plant was inaugurated last year, the Markal II. This deployment is complemented by sales offices in Brazil and Russia as well as representatives in Japan and China.

In 2016-2017, the company has been the subject of a realignment of organizational in addition to welcoming a new president, Louis Guindon.

The group designs and markets equipment used in various stages of pulp and paper production, from the preparation of the dough until the sheet formation and finishing. GLV is a global provider of spare parts and offers services for refurbishment, modernization and optimization of equipment new or existing.

“Our GLV group counts on innovation and offers its customers technologies that allow them to achieve energy savings and reduce operating costs”, explains the managing director, Pierre-Yves Charette.

Having officially begun his career at GLV Canada in January 2000, a graduate of the University of Sherbrooke in mechanical engineering, assumed his current position in 2016 after having served successively as the director of projects, quality director and production director.

“Our three main product lines are paper, the chemical pulp and the preparation of the dough”, he says. This last segment represents 38 % of revenues, compared to 35% for the chemical pulp and 27 % for the paper and the finish. More than a quarter of revenues are related to new equipment and more than half of the turnover comes from the us market.

“There is a beautiful progression,” concludes one who would like to hire a electrical engineer, technicians, mechanics and staff in the administration procurement.


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