The Arterre announces the first transfer of farm

L’Arterre annonce le premier transfert de ferme

Nicolet — The body the Arterre has announced the first service of transfer of farm not related to Quebec.

The approach has been launched across the Quebec, at the beginning of the month of march. All of the RCMS of the Centre-du-Québec have identified in their development plan the agricultural area, the need to have a service of mesh in order to preserve the agricultural enterprises and rural development. In light of this, three members of mesh crisscross the four corners of the region to meet the growing demand. “What characterizes the organization of the Centre-du-Québec, this is definitely the first mesh, but also the operating mode of co-development of the Arterre with all of the MRC’s territory. Take advantage of the expertise of the organization to match transferors and shifts,” says Geneviève Dubois, mayor of Nicolet.

Mayors-reeves Table of the MRC stressed the importance of the agricultural industry for the region. For the past year, the Arterre offers a service of free mesh everywhere on the territory of Centre-du-Québec. This project is focused on the coaching and the match between aspiring farmers and landowners. He favors the establishment of the succession as well as the recovery of farms that do not have a successor in order to ensure the sustainability of the business and agricultural heritage.

“In addition to being mayor, I am an agricultural producer. This project is not of today, he has seen the light of day with the project land Bank, of which the MRC Maple has subscribed several years ago. There are already spin-offs, since there are four meshes that have been made. Three new families are established in our territory, three new businesses have started, including two in horticulture and one in goat milk production. Thanks to a project such as this, we would like to attract more young families,” explained Mr. Labrecque, mayor-prefect of the MRC de l’érable.

“We notice a craze on the territory. In the next few months, we will go in each MRC, to hold public meetings. We have also provided presentations in agricultural schools as well as the UPA,” says Noémie Blanchette Forget, the regional coordinator and officer of mesh.

Noted that the draft of the body with the Arterre is the first to have been confirmed by the Table of the MRC in the framework of the Fund of support to the radiation of the regions, a programme of the ministry of municipal Affairs and land Occupancy.

Thus, the investment made by the Table of the MRC and the provincial government to the agency Arterre will amount to 951 to $ 142 for the next three years.


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