The Address is on the river: the tower has already attracted the lust

L'Adresse sur le fleuve: la tour suscite déjà la convoitise

THREE-RIVERS — The atmosphere was festive on Thursday morning at the offices of the Address on the st. lawrence at Three Rivers on the Saint Lawrence river, on the occasion of the first shovelful of earth for the construction of the 16 storey tower block which will have 69 units of condos. A project that is already attracting lust, as almost half of units have already been sold.

In fact, as of Thursday morning, thirty condo units had been sold, and two others were on the verge of being signed, reveals Guy Boutin, one of the leaders of Trimco CMG. Condo 3 1/2, 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 vary of 249 $ 500 to$ 1.1 Million. At the top of this price bracket, the two units appear to be$ 1.1 Million, of which one has already been sold.

The tower had always been a part of the plans of the present promoters, but was also mentioned since the beginning of the project development of this site in 2002, in which they talked about for the first time the name “Quoted the Swivel”. The mayor of Trois-Rivières appreciated, however, to see what the project had become over the last 16 years and never regretted not having taken the time to “do things right”.

“Fortunately that Cited the Swivel was not done, because we would have lost the concept that we currently have, that of a mid-life. With the bike path, the technopark, the Amphitheatre Cogeco, and all the future development, it is a vision much more interesting than we are offering,” says Yves Lévesque.

For the promoters, it was a great day. “The people of Trois-Rivières were waiting for this for a long time. We had in our boxes since the beginning when we made the acquisition of the land. The tour is really the culmination of the project. The result will be a lot easier,” agrees Guy Boutin, co-director of Trimco CMG limited partnership, which is developing the Address on the river.

What will soon become the tallest tower in housing of Trois-Rivières will be terraces ranging from 400 to 1100 square feet, all having a view of the Saint-Maurice river, and some also on the river St. Lawrence. Common spaces will also be developed, including an indoor pool and an outdoor pool with terrace and BBQ, a community room, a fitness room and indoor parking for all residents.

According to Guy Boutin, close to 50% of buyers who have signed up for the tour so far are Trifluviens of origin, which had left the region for their work, and who return to take their pension at Three-Rivers.

The tower has been erected on the northern part of Trois-Rivières on St. Lawrence, right next to the two buildings to condos already constructed. If all goes as planned, the condos are expected to be delivered in the fall of 2019. “We are confident that our customers will spend Christmas 2019 in the tower,” says Guy Boutin.


The construction of this new tower brand at the same time, the continued development of the Address on the river and Three Rivers on the Saint Lawrence river. We already knew that a residence for the elderly will, in large part, the Ursulines, the Carmelites, and the Daughters of Jesus on the site, a building whose construction will begin shortly. The development of the marina will also start this summer, to be functional as soon as next summer, ensures Guy Boutin. “It’s already gone, maquettes are made and construction permits are requested. It is just waiting for the permit from the ministry of the Environment, but we have the support of the City of Trois-Rivières, which we support. We will begin in the marina this year and it will be operational next year. The Club House, should be available as early as this year,” he confirms.

Moreover, Trimco CMG account also proceed with commercial development on the site, on the other side of the Avenue des Draveurs. Two buildings of 50 000 and 70 000 square feet are planned, and the tenants seem to be already waiting for you. The sponsors expect, however, to find a tenant that will attract a good turnout of customers before embarking on this construction. “Merchants come to us, but it is up to us to decide. We have good potential tenants who are willing, but I would like to have a major we decide to begin this year. The plans are made, it will happen. We are waiting for the right tenant to decide,” said Guy Boutin.

Already, it is expected that a law office, a notary office, a dentist and a physiotherapist come in and on the business premises, which must be built at this place, confirms Guy Boutin.


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