Play360 to the conquest of the planet of hockey

Play360 à la conquête de la planète hockey

THREE-RIVERS — Dany Dubé does not in half-measures. Patrick St-Cyr. The two associates of the enterprise Coaching Technologies, unveiled Wednesday in Boisbriand, their most recent application for tablets. Play360 will revolutionize the methods of training, both for the minor hockey that for the higher levels, promise-they.

Play360, it is a platform for sports knowledge, which aims to better equip practitioners to develop the skills. Exercises in 3D animation, video content validated by professionals as well as a series focused on the progression of the players constitute the basis of this application, you can download it on the App Store.

“One enters into the concrete!” exclaims Dany Dubé, fell under the spell of the proposed St-Cyr three years ago. The former coach of the Rivermen and the Patriots, in the Quebec media, perceives an opportunity to enter the ranks of minor hockey. “It’s interactive, I think we will be able to reach the new generation. We are going to sharpen their sense of competition!”

Play360 offer several types of content. Dubé himself intervene regularly with a video vignette in which we are to find exercises that are applicable during training sessions. “I’m going to take inspiration from what I see in the pros. I have been with the Canadian on the road throughout the season, there is a way to apply what they do to transmit it to the young minor hockey. This will be very exciting with 3D animations.”

Each week, new capsules will be available to subscribers. It will cost $ 4 per month. “The model resembles that of Netflix, confirms Patrick St-Cyr. You subscribed, and series are added with time. People who are not subscribers will also find the material.”

Dany Dubé will not be the only expert consulted. The doctor of psychology in sports Sylvain Guimond will discuss many topics, including self-esteem. Caroline Ouellette will host a portion reserved for the women’s hockey. Even the Patriotes of UQTR involved in the content speaking of the balance between sport and studies, some interesting parallels to the middle of the hockey school.

Play360 à la conquête de la planète hockey

Dany Dubé

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Dubé and St-Cyr ensure that subscribers are getting value for their money. “This is not a coincidence if we unveiled the new application at the end of the season, support the analysis of games of Canadian radio. The coaches will have the chance to discover the content this summer, they will have more tools at the beginning of classes in the fall. We will add more content gradually. I have a hundred of drills to develop and it will be good for all categories.”

Challenges virtual
To encourage downloads of the app and create excitement, the two co-founders have created a system of competition which allows to measure the evolution of the hockey players, thanks to a scoring system. For two years, Dubé and St-Cyr have established a pilot project with teams of the Ligue de hockey midget AAA. The players would compete them in agility competitions,

This formula was applied in the Armada of Blainville-Boisbriand as well as for minor hockey teams from this region. On the giant screen, it was possible for young people to refer to the time of their idols junior. When you are told that it does not in half-measures at Coaching Technologies!

“With technology, everything is possible, smiled Dubé. It is a way of throwing challenges to them. The coaches we often say, young people are not always motivated by the idea of working skills. They find it boring. Now, we offer a competition with points and in which it is possible to save points. The winner will not necessarily be the best, but the one who will have the most progress. In the Armada, it was very popular. We hope to be able to create a province-wide competition and, who knows, to present it in major events such as the international Tournament pee-wee de Québec.”

Alexis Lafrenière, the young sensation 16 years of age for the Océanic de Rimouski, has tested the course developed by Coaching Technologies. One of them has even been renamed in his name, so he burned the league! “For young people in minor hockey, a handicap system has been created to be closer to the reality. It is really challenging for them to have the chance to compare their skills to a guy like Lafrenière.”

Dubé sees the possibility of organizing international events, with the skaters of Europe. One thing is for certain, him and Patrick St-Cyr are confident of changing the face of the development of skills and training sessions.

The developers associated with Coaching Technologies are hoping to create an application for Google Play in the next few months… A trial period of 90 days is offered to those who subscribe to Play360 on their iPad, and it is free…

Patrick St-Cyr is working on the project full-time for four years. Its original application, Play360 Creator, has been downloaded about 1000 times on the App Store. Play360, however, is more interactive.


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