Pay increases of 2 % for elected officials

Des hausses de salaire de 2 % pour les élus

The”allowance base” of the 125 members of the national Assembly has risen by 2% on 1 April. The “benefits extra”, to which most of them also have the right have also risen by 2 %.

Wednesday morning, figures for the new emoluments of members of parliament in force since the beginning of the month, when they were still not on the website of the national Assembly, as is usually the case. They have, however, been sent to the Sun following a request to this effect. And have emerged in the course of the day on the website of the institution.

The basic award of the quebec mps is increased from 93 $ 827 per year to 95 704 $.

The compensation so-called “additional” is added to the first wage, which is not considered to be “basic” for nothing. They relate to the functions of prime minister, minister, parliamentary assistant, chairman of a commission — in fact, any title that has a member of parliament.

The”additional compensation” for a minister, for example, is increased from 70 370 $ 71 778 $. Which gives a quebec minister a salary total of 167 482 $ including the basic award.

The additional allowance for a position of parliamentary assistant has now reached 19 and $ 141, for a total of 114 845 $.

The addition of the basic indemnity and additional indemnity related to the function of the leader of the official opposition, puts the salary of the person occupying this position 164 197 $ 167 $ 482 per year.

The amount of the basic award and the additional indemnity related to the function of the prime minister of Quebec is to spend the salary of the person occupying this position of 192 345 $ 196 193 $.

“The increase in the annual indemnity of the member is equal to the percentage increase of the salary scales of the body of employment for executives of the public service”, reminds us of the national Assembly.

This increase policy does not apply to the basic award, but also to the benefits additional.


In 2016, by analyzing a list of the salaries and indemnities paid to some 350 “holding a post superior” of the quebec State, and The Sun had pointed out that more than half of them earned more than ministers of the government.

It should be noted that members of the national Assembly are earning significantly less than their vis-à-vis the House of commons, in Ottawa.

To note : the annual allocation of expenditure to offset the expenses that the parlementaires québécois committed in the exercise of their functions is now a $ 17 of $304.


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