Nomination of a liberal in Beauce-Nord : Myriam Taschereau does not contradict

Candidature libérale dans Beauce-Nord : Myriam Taschereau ne dément pas

The citizenship judge and former conservative candidate, Myriam Taschereau, does not deny the rumours that she is in the riding of Beauce-Nord.

Attachment by The Sun, Ms. Taschereau was not said explicitly that it wants to represent the liberal Party at the next election, and refuses to say whether she has been approached by the party or if she took steps on her own to wear the colors.

“This is not in the cards currently” me to introduce myself, at first said that that serves as a citizenship judge in Montreal. However, she adds “not to say” no ” to the idea of being present one day. “Since 2003 I think in politics,” she added.

The name of the one who attempted in 2008 to represent the citizens of Quebec-centre in Ottawa short for some time to the effect that she would like to try his luck in the electoral district beauce.

Myriam Taschereau is a descendant of the former premier Louis-Alexandre Taschereau. Before citizenship judge, she held a position in the cabinet of prime minister Stephen Harper.


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