Migrants: the concessions of Ottawa, of the “powder in the eyes” for the PQ

Migrants: les concessions d'Ottawa, de la «poudre aux yeux» pour le PQ

The concessions made by Ottawa on the requests of the province of Quebec for the treatment of irregular entries to the country are of the “powder in the eyes”, says the Parti québécois (PQ).

“We stay on our appetite because there is nothing that is set for the future with this announcement, of course, as a flow very important in the next few weeks, the next few months,” responded Thursday morning the vice-leader of the PQ, Véronique Hivon.

Wednesday, at the end of a meeting of the intergovernmental working group on irregular migration, the federal government has agreed to examine the request for reimbursement of Quebec for the support of asylum-seekers who are in majority in Quebec.

The government Couillard calls for $ 146 million to Ottawa for the support of asylum seekers, who entered irregularly in Quebec. The quebec minister of Immigration, David Heurtel, said that it is a starting point in order to reduce the tension between the two governments.

Ottawa has also committed to put in place a process of screening asylum seekers at the border, so as to know their destination and to direct them to where they want to go. Those who do not want to stay in Montreal could be transported in the region, where the needs of the workforce are critical.

However, the Parti québécois considers that the solution proposed by Ottawa will not solve the problem.

“For us, it is the powder in the eyes, and it is a solution that is not adapted to the reality of these people, who arrive here in the circumstances in which they are. It is very nice in theory, but in practice, how it’s going to happen, any of it?” commented the vice-chief.

Suspension of the agreement

His colleague, the spokesman for the opposition immigration, Catherine Fournier, reaffirms the position of his party on the need to suspend the agreement on safe third country, which binds Canada to the United States. She has filed a motion to this subject Thursday at the national Assembly.

According to this agreement, an asylum seeker from the United States and who is present at a border post in good standing shall be refused entry to Canada via the canadian custom, since it is in the United States, a “safe country”, according to Canada, the applicant must make the application.

“The population wants to host asylum seekers, but is ready to accommodate them especially if it is done on a regular basis, by the border crossings. Then, we, it is also believed that the suspension of the agreement will greatly increase the social acceptability,” said Ms. Fournier.

The federal government also plans to unlock $ 74 million of the $ 173 million provided in the last budget, Morneau to expedite the processing of applications of asylum seekers.


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