Lock-out at the ABI: the PSAC will support them

Lock-out à l'ABI: l’AFPC donne son appui

Bécancour — in Spite of the monotony of a lock-out lasts, the unionized workers of the Smelter have seen emerge on Tuesday a ray of sunshine on the picket line, either the announcement of the support of the public service Alliance of Canada (PSAC).

In addition to providing a first cheque of 1000 dollars, the regional executive vice-president of the PSAC for the region of Quebec Magali Picard, has expressed its willingness to invite its approximately 180,000 members in Canada to follow suit.

“You start a campaign in the PSAC. We will ask all our locals to come to the aid of workers here. The amounts of the more substantial will happen in the next few days, the next few weeks. All our items will be called to give a contribution across the country to ensure that the people here are capable of doing this fight until the end,” she said.

In his opinion, “the federal officials, research professionals, people working in universities in Québec are extremely sensitive to what is going on here”.

“No one is immune from seeing its pension scheme be threatened. It seems to be the fashion, companies, governments make believe to the population, their workers, that defined benefit plans are covered by huge losses and it is the reason why organizations have difficulty whereas this is completely false. So, it is important for us to support the workers, ABI, tell them not to let go. It is extremely important that they do this battle and ever they do not accept a plan that is two-tier with respect to their pension plan. We will be there, we will support them, it supports them financially,” she added.

It gave the example of an intervention of the PSAC during the crisis in Lac-Mégantic “for the support of the people that were covered by recourse to criminal”, at a rate of more than 20 000 dollars.

“It’s part of our mission, our beliefs. It must be said that when one speaks of pension plans, our people are very attentive. We have a government that brings us back again a bill C-27 to promote target benefit plans. In us, people react strongly. It does not want to see open at this level. The pension is a deferred income. It is necessary to stop this propaganda that we cannot afford it today, a defined benefit plan. This is completely false. It is shocking to see a company such as ABI, so that these people are in the street since the month of January. This is an important issue here. This is the reason why it is extremely important for the PSAC to be the appointment and support these workers,” says Ms. Picard.

The president of local 9700 of the united Steelworkers Union, the compassionate, the Mass, spoke of a “striking example of the support union”. “It shows a solidarity in the face of our conflict,” says the one who confirms the impact of the conflict on the jobs of nearly 130 students this summer. And by may, the Court of human rights should settle the issue of pay equity among the students who work at the ABI.


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