Kathleen Wynne accuses Doug Ford to emulate Trump

Kathleen Wynne accuse Doug Ford d'imiter Trump

TORONTO — The tension up a notch on Wednesday between the leader of the liberal and the leader progressive conservative of Ontario when Kathleen Wynne has accused Doug Ford to imitate the us president, Donald Trump.

Mr. Ford has said repeatedly on Tuesday that it would require an external audit of the accounts of the liberal government if he was elected prime minister in June. It was then suggested that some liberals might well one day make the prison if it is discovered that they are addicted to the “sharp eyed” with the taxpayers ‘ money.

Ms. Wynne called Wednesday, Mr. Ford of a bully and a coward, and accused the head curator of drawing inspiration from Donald Trump. She argues that Mr. Ford holds roughly the same speech as the republican candidate who called constantly to his supporters to “throw in prison” his rival Hillary Clinton, during the presidential election campaign of 2016.

The leader of the liberal believed that “if Doug Ford sounds like Donald Trump is that he is like him”, that he “believes in a form of policy that carbide around and lies”.

Not the same mistake as Clinton

Ms. Wynne promises not to commit the same mistake as Clinton, and combating these behaviors.

The progressive conservatives have called this the “curious” reconciliation with the president with the Trump of desperate manoeuvre to make people forget the liberal record. Mr. Ford contended that Ms. Wynne is trying to “deceive the population, and she thinks she is smarter than people”.

The leader of the progressive conservatives had argued on Tuesday that he did not trust the accounting of the liberals in the scandal of natural gas plants. The ex-head of the cabinet of liberal prime minister of the time, Dalton McGuinty has since been sentenced to four months imprisonment for having destroyed documents.


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