“I want to see him dying at my feet”

«Je veux le voir agoniser à mes pieds»

SHAWINIGAN — The pace at which the verbal attacks come and go, the boxing fans are not likely to get bored by the shock as expected between the heavyweight Simon Kean (14-0, 13 K.-O.) and Adam Braidwood (12-1, 11 K.-O.), June 16, at the Centre Gervais Auto Shawinigan!

Accustomed to inveigh against, on the social networks for more than 18 months, the two giants have added Thursday during the press conference formalizing their Intercontinental title fight for the IBO. Present by video conferencing, the Britano-colombian first blank and the first arrows, by promising to become the new darling of Shawinigan, after his victory on 16 June. “It makes me laugh that Simon must fight me to prove that it is a hard one. While me, everyone knows I am a hard. I only need to prove that I am a good boxer. All I want is a serious fight. Simon, I hope that thou wilt deliver not. I’ll wait in the center of the ring so that we can prove who is the more hard among us. Also, I very much look forward to coming to win in Shawinigan, to steal all your fans. They will all become my fans and I’m going to take control of Shawinigan!”, launched Braidwood, bare-chested and wearing a cap bearing the image of Quebec.

The reply was not long in coming from the mouth of the He 29-year-old. “Adam, you have the same intelligence to boxer my dog! I can’t wait to give you a beating! I’m gonna make you pay for all the small things that you said about me on the social networks.”

Once Braidwood disconnected from the video conference, Kean has continued to be his rival. “Its a way to stand out, this is not with his talent, this is by posting stupid things on social networks. I give him, he makes me laugh sometimes. But this is not a boxer, he is a clown. I really intend to beat up for 12 rounds. And at the end, I’m going to spoil me. I’m going to the knocker. I want to see him dying at my feet like an old dog mangy. Then, I will pay for his mouth. It will surely be the last fight of his career.”

For the olympian from London 2012, there is no doubt that this evening will be historic for the region, in the same way as the two clashes between David Cadieux and Patrice L’heureux for the title the canadian heavyweight, in 2006. It is also at this time that Kean has made its first step between the cables.

“I am very glad that it happen in me. It’s going to be one of the greatest fights in the history of the Mauricie. We still talk about Cadieux-Happy as we are going to talk about for a very long time for Kean-Braidwood in Shawinigan.”

Before you rub in the Grizzly of Three-Rivers, the Boogeyman must first do battle with the Mexican Hugo Leon (5-1, 3 K.-O.) on April 28th in Edmonton.

“The best card of the year in Canada”

In addition to presenting at Shawinigan the shock as expected between Kean and Braidwood, Camille Estephan promises nothing less than to deliver “the best card of the year in Canada” on June 16 at the Centre Gervais Auto.

The president of Eye of the Tiger Management has assured that his team would put on a show for the fans in the amphitheater of the rue Jacques-Plante, much to the delight of his partner in this adventure, Roger Lavergne.

The president of the Cataracts de Shawinigan rejoiced, of course, see the Centre Gervais Auto, be preferred from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Place Bell in Laval and Centre Videotron of Quebec for this gala in scope. According to him, the experience of the February 10, while 3,500 people have attended the victory of Kean before Alexis Santos, weighed in the balance. “On 10 February, we did our classes. We are happy to be here to announce what will be the biggest fight in Canada. It is a real privilege.”

Estephan, moreover, has not hesitated to incense Lavergne for the coming of this appointment at the centre of the Mauricie region.

“I am very happy to have met Roger, an exceptional individual, who has done everything possible to bring the gala here. We studied all the options, but the enthusiasm demonstrated in the region as a whole, in the court of Simon Kean, has convinced us. We will submit the best card of the year in Canada. We will do everything to emerge victorious from this fight. It’s going to be his strong castle to Simon for the years to come. We’re going to win this fight and we’ll get back to Shawinigan.”

Tickets will go on sale as early as Friday, on the stroke of 10 a.m., both on the network Ovation at the ticket office of the Centre Gervais Auto.

«Je veux le voir agoniser à mes pieds»

Camille Estephan sees no benefit to placing Oscar Rivas in the legs of Simon Kean.

Sylvain Mayer

“No interest” to rub Simon Kean Oscar Rivas

He must believe that it is not tomorrow the eve of Camille Estephan, and Yvon Michel will bury the hatchet. At least, this is not the heavyweight division that might bring the two promoters of boxing.

This week, the honcho of the Group Yvon Michel has continued the hostilities by declaring that Simon Kean (14-0, 13 K.-O.) was not ready to face his heavyweight Oscar Rivas (22-0, 16 K.-O.).

Less active over the last two years, Rivas takes the necklace intensively with two fights scheduled in the space of a month. It was not necessary any more to ignite the social networks and to suggest a possible match-up between Kean and Rivas.

“Oscar is more advanced in his career that Simon Kean. Therefore, it would be a little ridiculous of him to launch a challenge. But when Kean is going to be ready, Oscar is going to be,” said Michel to the network, TVA Sports.

Questioned about it by Le Nouvelliste, Estephan has been quite clear. Not a question of rubbing Kean to Rivas.

“They need us, we don’t need them. Simon is able to get a lot of income in a gala. Rivas, I love the person, but if I’m talking about business, it does not offer us anything. So, I have no interest, especially with the fact that he is with the Groupe Yvon Michel.”

In addition to the difference of membership between the two boxers, Estephan just don’t believe that the two boxers are of the same caliber.

“Simon Kean, it’s a monster. A guy 5pi 11po, which is very good against a guy of 6pi 5po, which is very good. What do you think?”, drops the big boss of EOTM, by way of thought.


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