François Pratte will be faithful to the position

François Pratte sera fidèle au poste

SHAWINIGAN — There may be still no long-term contract in his pocket, but François Pratte (6-0) will once again be faithful to the post, June 16, in the arena of the Centre Gervais Auto at a gala event which promises to be electrifying.

Still undefeated since his arrival in the professional, the He 27-year-old still dreaming of an agreement with the team Eye of the Tiger Management, Camille Estephan. For the moment, he must be content with fighting in the room. “It is certain that I would like to live in it. But in this moment, this is not possible. I have two jobs, I just finished my bachelor’s degree. I don’t have the choice, it is my life. I do it because I like it”, he explains.

Undeterred by a contract that is still waiting, Pratte task to stay positive and pointed out that there was a surefire recipe to become a must in the eyes of the promoters. “It’s the same song for the past two years. If Camille is interested, I’ll be ready to sign. I can’t say that there is disappointment because it makes me boxer anyway. And nothing happens for nothing. To force to accumulate wins, they will not have the choice (to sign me). I’ll beat them all!”

For its part, the grand patron of EOTM ensures that the door is always open to a potential partnership. “It gives him the opportunity to stand out. Every time he’s boxing, he has an additional challenge. It is in his hands. Is it that he is able to stand out to be able to have a long professional career that will earn him a lot of fruit? He has his chance.”

The gala of the 10th February last, when he won a unanimous decision victory in the face of Daniel Cruz (5-1, 1 K.-O.), is still fresh in the memory of Pratte. The protégé of Jimmy Boisvert Club Performance hope to be able to again put on a show in front of parents and friends. “It was my most beautiful experience of boxing among professionals. I offered a good performance and I want to continue to go step by step to remain undefeated!”

Ulysses Jr ascension
In addition to the five-times canadian champion in the amateurs, the spectators will be crowding in the Centre Gervais Auto will be entitled to a semi-final raised in the presence of Yves Ulysse Jr (15-1, 9 K.-O.). At its last output between the cables, on the 16th of December in the undercard of the fight between David Lemieux and Billy Joe Saunders, Montreal, 29-year-old had stared, wide many eyes by signing a victory unanimous in front of the promising Cletus Seldin.

All that had taken place upon the waves of the influential network HBO and all the evidence suggests that her battle to Shawinigan will allow him to continue his climb to the summit.

“We are going to have an adversary really credible. We are looking for a rival undefeated, which should place it in the top-5 world,” says the ceo of EOTM, Antonin Décarie.

The industry of kazakhstan will also be featured at the heart of the Mauricie region, with the fighting of Nurzat Sabirov (5-0, 5 K.-O.), Adriddin Akhmedov (1-0, 1 K.-O.) and Ablai Khussainov (8-0, 5 K.-O.).

Other boxers will be added shortly to the list, but there’s nothing to indicate, for the moment, that the Drummondvillois Jordan Balmir, who also leads the Club Performance, will be of the party.


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