$ 60 million for Hospital emergency Centre-de-la-Mauricie

60 millions $ pour l'urgence de l'Hôpital du Centre-de-la-Mauricie

SHAWINIGAN — Promise of the liberals during the election campaign of 2014, the expansion project and redevelopment of the Hospital’s emergency Centre-de-la-Mauricie will see the day over the course of the next few years. Its achievement will require a total investment of 60 million dollars.

Despite the difficult road conditions, the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, has moved to Shawinigan, Monday afternoon, to confirm that this project is now enrolled in the québec infrastructures Plan (PQI) as a draft for the study. The production of the record of opportunity can thus be initiated. A total of 1,525 million $ will be spent on the completion of this stage, and all the studies required, a process that will continue until the fall of 2019.

The minister was accompanied for the occasion by the minister of Tourism and member of parliament for Laviolette, Julie Boulet, and to the member of parliament for Saint-Maurice, Pierre Giguère.

This important and very long-awaited project will add a new wing with a total area of 5524 m2 and a redevelopment of 835 m2. With these facilities increased, the emergency room staff will be able to improve the flow of customers and the quality of its support, to better define the different zones according to the clinical status of the users and provide an environment more friendly and comfortable for users.

Specifically, the improvements will help to correct the functional deficiencies in the size and arrangement of the several sectors of the emergency in order to comply with the current standards. A zone of rapid assessment, bathrooms additional children’s area, a decontamination in the garage of ambulances, a lounge for families, the expansion of the area of impact, the improvement of the organization of the room of the stretchers – that will provide more privacy for patients and more functionality to the nursing staff – and a hospital unit brief will be part of the improvements.

Even if the elections are coming up fast and that political analysts agree that the different parties are already in election campaign, the minister Barrette says that it is not an ad electioneering, and ensures that the hospital shawiniganais will be a new emergency in three or four years.

“During the election campaign, we had said that we would conduct this project to good port, and this is what we have done today. In addition, [the project] it is recorded in the QDI. As a result, it is depreciated. And today, it releases $ 1.5 million to begin to do the preparatory work. And from the moment when the wheel turns, it will turn up at the destination. This project is not going to stop. It is impossible. And the sequence I describe to you at the moment, it is the same for all the projects that we have made. […] What is written in PQI, it can’t stop. It is cast in the concrete of the budget,” he insists.

The minister of Health recognizes, however, that the ribbon cutting is not for tomorrow. Because of its importance, he does not see how the project could be completed in less than three years.

“Just to give you an idea, 6000 m2, if we put it all on the same floor, it is a football field. It is a big building that will be built, then it will take time to make the first concepts, plans and specifications and all that. We speak of an operation with the first patients in four years, and this is quite normal,” says the minister.

Interestingly, the $ 60 million announced are much higher than those that had been advanced when the project surfaced for the first time, there are already a few years. Initially, politicians believed that an investment of between $ 10 and $ 15 million would be sufficient to carry it to term. During the election campaign of 2014, the liberals pledged to spend $34 million.

Pierre Giguère satisfied

The current member of parliament for Saint-Maurice, Pierre Giguère, said he was very satisfied that this project will be announced in the course of its current mandate, especially as it was one of the only promises he had made during his election campaign.

Note that, because of the electoral redistribution, the riding of Saint-Maurice will disappear at the end of the present mandate. The territory it covers will be distributed in the constituencies boundary, including that of Laviolette, which will bear the name of Laviolette, Saint – Maurice. Julie Boulet has been preferred to Mr. Giguère by the prime minister Philippe Couillard to defend the colors of a liberal.

The mp was committed to give his best to his fellow citizens until the end of the mandate when his chief announced his choice. It leads us to imply that he is rather proud of its recent achievements, and he adds that he does not intend to stop there, referring to the expansion of the school of Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel.

Moreover, he did not hesitate to call exceptional, the visit of the minister of Education, Sébastien Proulx, last week. It is hoped that a positive announcement is made before the summer in this folder.


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